Fujifilm X-T10: A Smaller And Simpler Version Of The Lauded X-T1

Fujifilm has a reputation for making solid retro styled mirrorless cameras, and the latest, the X-T10, takes one of its most popular and high-performance bodies, the X-T1, and scales it down in size and price.

Microsoft's Hyperlapse Turns Shaky Videos Into Smooth, Short Timelapses

You may enjoy watching the hours of footage you recorded the last time you went skiing, but your friends are too polite to tell you how boring it actually is. So instead of spending days editing your adventures down to a short highlight reel, Microsoft has just introduced a new app called Hyperlapse that can automatically turn long, shaky videos into short, steady timelapse clips.

Hiding A GoPro In 21 Weird Places Is Quite Fun To See

Video: Just because you have a GoPro doesn’t mean your life will automatically turn extreme and make you start hearing a dubstep soundtrack everywhere you walk. You have to get creative with the thing! Here’s a simple and fun way to have fun with your GoPro: stick it in totally random places to get a whole new perspective.

Lily Flying Camera Drone: Your Latest Reminder That Flying Cameras Are The Future

You visit incredible places. You go on adventures. You want someone or something to capture them — and you — for posterity. But instead of reaching out with a selfie stick, you reach into a backpack… and toss a drone up into the air to film it all for you.

We Took Some 50MP Shots With The Canon 5DS For You To Gawk At

Canon’s new high-res DSLR, the 5DS, shoots giant 50-megapixel images. That’s a crapload of resolution you probably don’t need. But it’s fun to look at anyways! We had the privilege of toying around with a pre-production beta sample of the camera. Here are the results.

Nokia Vs Nokia: Smartphone Cameras Have Come A Long Way 

You probably take your smartphone for granted: it’s your portal to the internet, an instant messaging machine, a video recorder, music player and, of course, a phone. It’s probably also your primary camera. Be grateful for it: smartphone cameras have come a long way.

How Photography Has Changed In The Last Decade, In Three Simple Numbers

Briefly: Time was, each click of the shutter button was precious and you pored over the resulting photographs — good or bad — at length. Now you post them to Instagram and then forget about them forever. And don’t even mention photo frame sales… [Truth Facts]

MIT Finally Figured Out How To Remove Your Reflection From Window Photos

How often have you had a great photo-op ruined by there being a window in-between you and your subject resulting in reflections in your shot? So far there’s just no easy way to fix that in post-production, but researchers at MIT, led by YiChang Shih, have developed an algorithm that can extract and automatically remove reflections in an image.

These Neat Animations Show How CMOS And CCD Sensors Work

Ever wondered how the CMOS and CCD image sensors inside cameras work? Well, these neat animations by Raymond Sirí do a great job of explaining it.

The Coolest Thing About TomTom's New Action Camera Is Its Clever Battery

TomTom’s new Bandit action camera at first seems to be just another uninspired rugged shooter. But a closer look reveals that even without trying the camera to see if it’s any good, I’m impressed by the clever battery design.