Experience Tour De France Mayhem First-Hand From New On-Bike Cameras

If you’ve been watching the Tour de France you know that it’s been one of the more brutal tours in recent years, with intense weather conditions and terrible crashes that have led to several top contenders abandoning the tour already. It’s also the first year that riders are allowed to put cameras on their bikes — so viewers can access the firsthand perspective for the very first time.

I Was Hidden On This Guy's Hard Drive For Over Six Years

Six years ago, photographer Joey L. was accidentally caught on film by a fellow snapper. Six years later, the pair discovered they’d been within meters — and caught each other on camera. Here, we republish Joey L.’s account of what happened.

Spooky Underwater Photos Reveal Nazi Submarine Off The US Coast

Robert S. Ballard and his team of ocean explorers have taken new crystal-clear photos of a Nazi submarine in the Gulf of Mexico, right off the Texas’ shoreline: U-166 was one of the many Kriegsmarine U-boats that swam like sharks waiting for prey around the United States’ coast. Admire it, in all its decrepit glory, in high resolution.

Sony A7s Review: The New King Of Full-Frame Video

Sony’s moves in the field of consumer electronics can seem genius at times, and baffling at others. Its new full-frame mirrorless camera, the A7s, is a little bit of both. It’s a camera that looks and functions exactly as previous A7 models, but with a few very specific and exciting features especially suited to video shooters.

No, Smartphones Aren't Going To Kill GoPro

GoPro saw its stock dive overnight after some bad press predicted that its action cams are destined to go the way of the dodo thanks to smartphone cameras. Untrue! Here’s why.

Idiot Tries To Take Selfie While Running With The Bulls

This man may have survived the famous Pamplona Bull Run, but now the police are chasing after him too — because he took a selfie as he ran just inches ahead of the charging cattle.

Spectacular Video Of The Supermoon From The World's Tallest Building

Video: Gerald Donovan and his team made this incredible time lapse of this weekend’s supermoon: The crown prince of Dubai climbs to the tip of the Burj Khalifa — the tallest building in the world — with an impressive moon in the background.

Visit Barcelona With This Beautiful Hyperlapse

Video: This “flow-motion” hyperlapse by photographer Rob Whitworth uses 26,014 photos taken over 363 hours of work in total. Impressive work.

10 Tricks That Famous Movie Directors Use As Their Trademark

With some directors, you can immediately tell you’re watching a movie they directed just by looking at a still frame without any context. There’s a visual style they stamp on their films, a certain special effect they like, a narrative preference they utilise, basically, a trademark they have. WatchMojo came up with a list of the 10 most famous movie director trademarks in the video below.

Spectacular Lightning Storm Time-lapse In Chicago

Video This time-lapse was made during the big storm that hit Chicago last week. The dark clouds moving fast and the lightning strikes on the skyscrapers remind me of that scene from Ghostbusters where the city is possessed. Anyway, it’s reassuring to know that Chicago can take it and everything still works fine.