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Watch Two Guys In Jetpacks Chase An Emirates A380 Through The Skies Over Dubai

Video: I’ve seen some stunts in my day, but goddamn, this has to be one of the most impressive: two guys in jetpacks fly in formation with an Emirates A380 passenger plane over Dubai in a spectacular display.

Clever Earbud Microphones Bring 3D Audio Recording To Your GoPro

GoPros have fundamentally altered the way we think about video — we’ve never been closer to the action. The audio for the extreme footage we’re capturing, however, has yet to catch up to the action footage. Roland’s new Wearpro Mic is a step towards making the videos sound as intense as they look.

A Simple Filter Change Could Make Low-Light Photography Much Better

Good low-light photography is one of the toughest nuts to crack: to get good pictures in the dark normally requires some combination of fast lenses and big, expensive sensors. But tweaking one filter that lives inside the camera could help big time.

Sony Plans To Take Over Toshiba's Image Sensor Division

Sony has confirmed that it’s currently in negotiations to agree the terms with which it will take over Toshiba’s CMOS image sensor business. The move will see Sony boost its already impressive image sensor division.

GoPro's Drone Prototype Is Producing Incredible, Beautiful, Stable Footage

Earlier this year, GoPro decided it was going to make a drone of its own to compete with all the other camera-mounted flying machines already on the market. Today it released footage from its drone prototype, and the stabilised videos that comes out of it look absolutely incredible.

Watch The First Film From InVisage's Quantum Dot Smartphone Camera

Five long years ago, a company called InVisage showed off a new kind of smartphone camera sensor called QuantumFilm, which used quantum dots for improved sensitivity. Now, you can finally see a short film shot using the technology.

Sonys RX1r II: Is That 42 Megapixels In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

The RX1r Mark II is what you get when you put some of the most advanced camera sensor tech in the smallest possible footprint. This 42 megapixel tiny monster is a follow-up to 2012’s RX1 (and RX1r), and it is one formidable — and expensive — photographic tool.

Build Nikon's Very First SLR With This New Nanoblocks Set

Despite being tiny Lego imposters, Nanoblocks have managed to gain a healthy fan base by doing the same thing its competitor does: licensing brands and popular properties. Remember those Nanoblock McDonald’s sets? Now Nikon is getting in on the building fun too.

Our Favourite Photos From The 2015 Nikon-Walkley Photojournalism Awards

Every year, Australia’s most auspicious journalism awards are handed out by the Walkley Foundation. It’s a shame that there can be only one winner each year in the photojournalism category, because every nominee and image tell incredible, beautiful and movie stories. Here are our favourites from this year.

Canon G9X And G5X: High Performance Compacts For Every Pocket Size

Canon’s G line of cameras are meant to offer better quality and controls than the typical cheap-o point and shoot. With two new members of the family, the G9X and the G5X, you have whole lot of options, depending just how much camera you want to carry.

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