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Take A 360-Degree Tour Of One Of The Most Expensive Carousels In The World

Jane’s Carousel is one of the most iconic carousels in the world, but few people know it’s crazy backstory. Prior to arriving at its new home in a $US9 million ($11.8 million) glass box facing the Manhattan skyline, the carousel sat in Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio, where it was constructed in 1922. So how the hell did it end up in Brooklyn?

These 50-Megapixel Hasselblad X1D Photos Are Something Else

Honestly, there’s going to come a time when cameras in the same vein as Hasselblad’s new X1D will be able to take photos of infinity. I’m not sure what infinity looks like, but we’re inching closer if these images from photographer Ming Thein are anything to go by.

Fujifilm's X-T2 Camera Australian Price And Release Date

Fujifilm’s latest interchangeable lens camera, the X-T2, will be available in September 2016 for $2,499, and is set to become the next flagship model for the X Series range with a focus on portraiture, nature and sports photography.

GoPro's New Backpack Has Everything You Need For Winter Adventures

Say hello to the perfect GoPro-compatible bag to travel with. Seeker, a backpack designed specifically by GoPro is weather-resistant, made from lightweight material and its strategically placed, secure compartments make it easy to carry equipment while still staying immersed in the action.

You Can Now Rent Jaunt's Crazy Expensive Camera For Your Own VR Creations

Jaunt is a company obsessed with creating the cameras and hardware needed for artists and creators to fully embrace virtual reality. The big problem is that those cameras can be cost-prohibitive. It’s why Jaunt only works with partners with deep pockets, like Sir Paul McCartney>. Now Jaunt is opening its doors to the public by launching a hardware rental program with Radiant Images.

Samsung's Gear 360 Camera Is Out In Australia Today

Samsung’s Gear 360, a camera for creating, viewing and sharing 360-degree videos and images, was announced at MWC this year, and it’s now out in Australia. Designed to be used with the Gear VR and the Galaxy S7, Samsung says it wants to make virtual reality easy and accessible, and sees Gear 360 as a way to open up a new world for people seeking an immersive experience.

Would You Spend $70,000 On This Slo Mo Guys Painting?

The Slo Mo Guys create some of the most YouTube-y videos out there. Their shtick involves shooting and smashing things and filming them in slow motion, which is what online videos are all about really (besides cats).

Hasselblad's $12,000 Mirrorless Camera Is Utterly Absurd

Hasselblad just made a very exciting announcement for very rich, very enthusiastic photography nerds. And I have to admit, that even a not-so-wealthy nerd like me is aching at the site of the new X1D mirrorless camera. The selling point (if something this expensive can be said to have selling points) is that it has big medium format camera guts in a lightweight mirrorless body.

Nearly A Million Photographs Were Taken To Make This Unforgettable Timelapse

Video: If you have any hopes of ever creating a timelapse video better than photographer Keith Loutit’s The Lion City II – Majulah, you’d better start snapping photos soon. It took Keith over three years to capture the nearly one million photographs used to create this incredible video.

This Upside Down Video Of The Paris Flood Makes It Seem Like You're Underwater

Video: When you throw a GoPro on a fishing rod and toss it in the flooded Seine in Paris and then flip that footage upside down, you better be prepared for some interesting shots of the City of Light. Some of it is really cool, what you think is the real world gets all bendy and warped. Other parts can get a little bit dull, since it’s just dirty brown water covering your view.

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