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Panasonic's New GX85 Includes Built-In 5-Axis Image Stabilisation

After a few years of building image stabilisation into its G Vario lenses, Panasonic has pulled a quick about-face and joined Olympus in incorporating said stabilisation directly into the sensors in its Micro Four Thirds cameras. The Lumix DMC-GX85 is the first Panasonic camera with integrated 5-axis image stabilisation, and it’ll work with lens stabilisation too. Get ready for crazy smooth video footage and blur-free photos.

SBS Has A New On Demand Virtual Reality App

SBS will today become the first Australian broadcaster to launch a Virtual Reality app, SBS On Demand VR, allowing audiences to explore the latest 360° videos produced by SBS and the independent production community.

Photographer Profile: Craig Parry, The Man Who Took A Selfie With A Whale

The Sony Alpha Art House exhibition is currently touring Australia, showcasing the winning entries from the Alpha Art House competition alongside landscape and nature images from all over the country, shot by professional photographers using Sony’s line-up of mirrorless cameras.

Award-winning surf, marine, nature photographer and Alpha Ambassador Craig Parry has always had a love of the outdoors. We had a chat to the man who scored a selfie with a humpback whale about his inspiration, opinions on selfies and how to get the best out of elements beyond your control.

Sony's Cyber-Shot RX10 III Gets An Extended Zoom And 4K Video

Sony has revealed the third camera in its Cyber-shot RX10 series, appropriately named the RX10 III. Designed to be an all-rounder, the stand out features include a super-teleporto zoom lens and a stacked CMOS sensor — which make the RX10 III suitable for a wide range of skill levels. Here is a closer look at what this camera can do.

The Hidden Trick In Almost Every Classic Hitchcock Scene

Hitchcock is the unquestioned master of suspense. But what is it about his scenes that makes them so gripping, and why do they stand up to repeated viewings, even when you know the twist?

The 9 Most Breathtaking Images From The Smithsonian's Annual Photo Contest

A volcano spewing ash, magical forest fireflies, and a monkey who feels just like we all do about winter weather. These are just a few of the remarkable photos from the Smithsonian’s annual photo contest.

Saigon Is Even More Beautiful When You're Racing Through The City At Warp Speed

Shot using a DJI Osmo stabilised camera to ensure buttery smooth footage, Rufus Blackwell’s hyperlapse video of Saigon, Vietnam, somehow makes the city more beautiful even though you feel as if you’re racing through it at the speed of sound. If all vacation videos looked this captivating, you’d be happy to visit your friends after a trip.

New Camera Tech Snaps Reflection-Free Photos Through Windows

Taking photos through windows is annoying because light bounces off it and ruins the picture. But scientists at MIT just developed new technology that could fix the pesky reflections.

New Realtime 3D Modelling Can Turn You Into Any Celebrity On Camera

A university research team recently developed a new method for real-time facial re-enactment that works with a regular web camera, overcoming several challenges in computer vision technology. It’s also creepy as hell.

Build Your Own Classic Film Camera With A Raspberry Pi And 8mm Lens

“You can make [wacky project] with a Raspberry Pi and [oddball gizmo]!” I know, I know, it happens all the time. But this is the first I’ve seen in a while that isn’t a compact home theatre, home automation controller or cybernetic lava lamp.

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