The 10 Best Slow-Mo Videos The Slow-Mo Guys Have Ever Done

Everything looks better in slow motion. Especially cocking about with your mates while making massive explosions. The Slow-Mo Guys on YouTube have millions of subscribers and loads of great slow-motion videos, but which ones are best? Here’s our top 10.

Why Does This Rhino Have A Camera In Its Horn?

This rhino is loaded with technology: it has a camera embedded in its horn, a GPS transmitter around its neck and a heartrate monitor tracking its pulse. But it’s not just some weird wearables experiment — it’s an attempt to stop poaching.

Gizmodo Photo Guide: Changing Lenses Will Improve Your Photos

If you find your camera’s ‘kit’ lens — the lens that was included in the box — isn’t cutting the mustard, try to work out what you’re not happy about. Is it not focusing fast enough, or is it struggling to focus on close-up subjects? Do you need a wider zoom range, or can you choose a lens that’s designed purely for ultra-wide landscape photos or telephoto paparazzi-style bird-watching?

This Month In Dashcams: Don't Crash Into A Police Car

You’ve heard about how dangerous Australia’s wildlife is, but nobody talks about the deadliness of our roads. Here’s a compilation of new dashcam footage that shows rampaging trucks, a guy colliding with a police car, and what happens when you’re in close proximity to exploding power lines.

This Palm Tree On Fire In The Pouring Rain Pretty Much Sums Up LA

Yesterday the good citizens of Los Angeles were surprised to see water falling from the sky. Water! From the sky! Like it was no big deal! What will Mother Nature dream up next?

Drone Captures Demolition Of An Old Building

The Park Avenue Hotel in Detroit was recently demolished and TheGadgetGuy11’s drone was there to capture the amazing aerial views. It’s really cool to see the building up close and then see it pretty much get instantly taken down in a cloud of smoke and ash.

Panasonic DMC-GX8: Insane Stability And 4K Video For This Beefy Mirrorless

There is no shortage of high-end mirrorless cameras to choose from these days, and Panasonic is adding one to the bucket with the Lumix GX8. It’s out to capture your attention with 4K video and some advanced technology for keeping your shots stable as hell.

Gizmodo Photo Guide: Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Photos By Shooting And Processing In RAW

Got a new digital camera? Impressed with some of the photos you can capture with it? Here’s a hot tip — with a bit of effort, you can make them look even better with the power of the RAW image format and a handy PC or laptop. This is everything you need to know to get started with RAW processing and make your photos really stand out from the crowd.

An Artful Reminder That Surveillance Is Becoming Second Nature 

From far enough away, this installation by the Czech artist Jakub Geltner almost looks like a flock of seagulls preening at the end of a jetty. Almost.

Gizmodo Photo Guide: Why You Need 4K Video, And How To Shoot It

Thinking of buying a new digital camera? If you get the right one, you’ll be able to do more than just take photos — you can open up a whole new world of incredibly high-resolution 4K video recording. Shooting 4K Ultra HD video can get you some incredibly detailed footage that’ll look great whatever you’re filming.

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