An Eerie Portrait Of Brooklyn's Former Industrial Wasteland

Gowanus is a Brooklyn neighbourhood long known for its polluted canal and not-so-desirable industrial vibe. But like many once derelict areas, it is rapidly transforming into a landing place for restaurants and young professionals. The still untamed nature of the neighbourhood has been artfully captured by Miska Draskoczy in a series of photos called Gowanus Wild.

Samsung Project Beyond: A 360-Degree Camera For Streaming Virtual Reality

Samsung’s serious about virtual reality, and not just with a fancy headset accessory for the Note 4. The company has also built its own lightweight 360-degree camera, dubbed Project Beyond.

Leaked Sony Sensor Has Potential To Supercharge Future Cameras

If a leaked document from the Chinese site Cnbeta holds true, within a couple of years consumer cameras could see a significant bump in quality and low-light performance. The leak describes a Sony image sensor that uses a completely new way of gathering light called Active Pixel Colour Sampling.

These Iconic Road Trips Make You Want To Grab A Camera And Just Drive

The road trip is one of the great American photographic traditions. Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip, a new book published by Aperture, revisits the journeys of 18 influential photographers as they set out in search of weird, beautiful and unknown things to point their cameras at.

This CCTV System Actually Edits People Out

You might think that the whole point of surveillance cameras was to, y’know, watch people. But what if we were actually edited out of the street scenes they show?

You Are Not As Original As You Think You Are, And That's OK

We think our vision of the world is unique and original, so we use our cameras (and the internet) to let everyone know about it. This video — made with 465 photographs each of them taken by different photographers — shows that in reality we are not that unique. We all get fascinated by the same things. And that’s OK.

Kids Today Barely Recognise Point-And-Shoot Cameras

Before cameras were a thing that was always in our pocket attached to our phones, human beings actually carried standalone gadgets for capturing casual photographs. Crazy, I know. Just ask these kids.

A Bespoke Pinhole Camera That Takes Polaroid Film

Most of the new/old retro toy film cameras that come out nowadays bore me to death, but this one is actually pretty neat. It’s a hand-made pinhole camera that takes pictures on Polaroid instant film, creating distorted but magical views of the world.

Pilot Lands Aeroplane In The Middle Of A Forest Way Up In The Mountains

That’s some serious skill. Not only is the plane landing in the mountains, it’s also in the middle of the forest. Not only is it in the middle of the forest but the runway is incredibly narrow. Not only is the runway narrow but it’s a bumpy arse strip of dirt too. So yeah. That is some serious skill.

Lytro Branching Out From Just Making Cameras

Briefly: Lytro is branching out from just making cameras, and is now licensing its technology out to other businesses with its Lytro Development Kit.

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