Canon G7 X: Canon Catches Up With A Tiny One-Inch Sensor Point-And-Shoot

From about 2009-2012, Canon’s S-series point-and-shoots were the best tiny little cameras you could buy. Then, Sony’s RX100 line conquered it with similar functionality, but a much larger one-inch image sensor that blew Canon’s dinky 1/1.7-inch chips away. With the PowerShot G7 X, Canon strikes back.

Sony Releases Burly E-Mount Lens With Serious Video Chops For Your A7

Sony’s a7 and a7r full-frame mirrorless cameras were only so-so for video, but the a7s is an absolute killer. The only thing lacking at launch was a good selection of lenses to suit the needs of videographers. That is starting to change with the new 28-135mm f/4 OSS.

Bloomberg: HTC Is Working On An Action Camera

Bloomberg is reporting that HTC is planning to take a small break from churning out phones and create something different instead: a GoPro-challenging action camera.

Nikon D750: Finally, A Top DSLR With A Screen That's Useful For Video

Over the last few years top DSLRs have gotten so good that they’re not just for photographers; they’re used by filmmakers and producers to shoot high-quality video, too. The Nikon’s D750, though, is the first pro-DSLR to come with a tilting screen, a significant ergonomic improvement.

There's Nothing Cuter Than These Puppies Swimming Underwater

OK, people, stop doing whatever the hell you’re doing. Stop working, stop eating, stop loving or hating. Stop. Stop and watch these perfect photos of puppies swimming underwater by Seth Casteel< ./a> Because nothing else matters, really. Nothing. Nothing but puppies.

Light Monster Faces Made Of Spinning Molten Metal

These cool alien-looking monsters — created by French photographer Nicolas Rivals — are made by taking long exposure photographs of spinning molten metal. Nicolas calls them Light Roschard, like the famous psychology test. I see alien monster faces. What do you see?

Old Black And White Photos Come Alive In Disturbing Ghostly GIFs

Droga5 art director Kevin Weir has lots of cool work in his portfolio, like his Flux Machine, a Tumblr in which he turns old photographs into nightmares thanks to some carefully crafted animation — sometimes crazy, sometimes subtle, always disturbing.

These Beautiful Mountain Views From Inside A Tent Make Me So Jealous

Ukrainian-based photographer and mountain enthusiast Oleg Grigoryev took a picture of the view from his tent every morning of his trip to the Fann Mountains, Tajikistan. The resulting photographic reportage is beautiful — and it makes me terribly jealous.

Using Light-Painting Effects To Recreate The Ghostbusters Proton Streams

When you find yourself in times of trouble, always remember: Don’t cross the streams. Egon’s ghostbusting words of wisdom still hold true today. Joey Shanks at PBS Digital Studios knows that. But he’s risked total protonic reversal to show us how to recreate the glowing effects of everyone’s favourite Slimer-busting backpacks using simple light painting techniques.

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300: Bigger Instant Photos, Wider Than You Remember

With Polaroid out of the picture, Fujifilm has been making moves in recent years to own instant photography — what’s left of it anyway — with its Instax line of cameras, printers, and film. Today, it makes a play at a niche of the instant market with a larger format camera that pops out wide photos.

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