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Say Goodbye To Unlimited Wireless Data Plans

While thinking about how AT&T screwed everyone by killing unlimited wireless data, we remembered that we saw this coming a few months ago. Here’s another look at what we already realised back then.

Wilson Rothman, Signing Off

Today is my last day at Gizmodo. It’s with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to all of you amazing readers.

LSD, Sexy Fonts, Muppet Genitalia: The Strangest Tech Q&A We've Ever Witnessed

Thousands of you Twittered up to feed amazing tech questions – and some Muppet-based ones – to guest editor Peter Serafinowicz. He answered 25 in a torrent of wordplay. While we await his first article, here’s the amazing #PSQA playback:

The Best $US250 Blu-ray Players, Reviewed

I’ve argued that a Blu-ray player could soon be your only set-top box. These $US200-$US250 models, the four fullest-featured you’re likely to buy, all strive to be Swiss Army-like in their utility, but only one comes closest to the promise.

Guest Editor Peter Serafinowicz Q&A Improv Tomorrow

Meet guest editor Peter Serafinowicz – aka Darth Maul, Sctanley or “that Mactini guy” – on Twitter today at 5pm ET (tomorrow, 7am AEST) for a technology-themed edition of his hilarious Q&A improv sessions. Here are some past #PSQA classics:

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The Best iPad Apps For Babies, Toddlers And Sanity-Loving Parents

Having a kid aged 0-5 means constantly having to come up with entertaining diversions. Fortunately, even this early, the iPad is absolutely brimming with those. If you have a small kid, the iPad bandwagon beckons.

Follow Our New Guest Editor On Twitter, And Await His Instructions

You probably recognise our new guest editor, even if you don’t know his name. Peter Serafinowicz was the angry roommate in Shaun of the Dead, the Guitar Hero guy in Couples Retreat and “John” of Mactini fame. Now he’s ours.

For Now, iPad Magazine Issues And Subscriptions Will Cost More Than Their Paper Equivalent

Apple priced digital downloads lower than CDs. Amazon said a digital book should be cheaper than a paper one. But for the time being, virtual magazines will cost a pretty penny, says Fortune.

HP Slate Is Dead On Arrival, Says TechCrunch

HP is killing its Windows 7 “slate” tablet project, says TechCrunch, citing a source “briefed on the matter”.

iPad DJs Show You How It's Done (Literally And Figuratively)

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Cut past the nerdy hipster schtick, and – if you’re not trying to DIY – the technical orientation. Starting at 5:20, these guys bust a surprisingly palatable mashup of Prince, Vampire Weekend, G’N'R, Eurythmics and… I Dream of Jeannie.