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This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Onion Debates Stop-And-Kiss

This week, The Onion takes a look at the NYPD’s most controversial tactic: stop and kiss. Tensions run high between supporters and opponents in the debate over this police activity.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Onion Reviews The Hunger Games Movie

With a movie adaptation like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, it’s easy to get swept up in the pop culture hype, and lose sight of what’s really important: how hot are the boys? Fortunately, Philip K. Rosenthal is here with a deeper look.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Tubbin With Tash

Do you know how to get the truth out of people? Not from some sort of movie truth serum shot or on a late night talk show or even in a conversation between two ferns, the way to pry the obscene truth is to stick them in a hot tub and feed them drinks. Life is so much clearer when everything is bubbling around you.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Homeland The Musical

Homeland is coming back! After an uneven second season, what’s the third season going to be like? Should we hope for something as brilliant as the first even though it might be unrealistic or should we just root for Homeland… The Musical to happen on Broadway. After watching the hilarious video above, I think we should hope that The Musical version will happen.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Everything Is Samuel L Jackson's Fault

Other than being beautiful (not that Samuel L is beautiful) and rich and powerful, being a celebrity must be really crappy. Can you imagine all the strangers rushing up to you? Can you imagine all the weird demands that ‘fans’ have? Can you imagine all the delusional people blaming you for doing your job? Samuel L Jackson can.

Funny Or Die's iPhone 5F: Snake Is Back

The iPhone 5C not cheap enough for you? Funny or Die says Apple should make a legitimately crappy phone called the iPhone 5F. All it does is play snake, tether, charge without a lightning cable and let you use your friend’s iPhones. You wanted cheap, right? Watch…

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Disney's Vehicle Movies

If you’re over the age of 12, you probably wondered why the hell Pixar ever made Cars 2. And then when you heard about Planes, you probably wondered who in the world would go see a Pixar-less Disney movie that sounds like the direct to DVD cousin of Cars. Merchandising is not an excuse for crap! The formula is simple, really: any vehicle-related movie made by Disney or Pixar is a must not watch.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Christopher Nolan Coffee Commercials

Christopher Nolan is a great movie director but how would his genius and uh, love for darkness, translate into something like commercials? It’d probably be hilarious! Though let’s be honest, if I saw a coffee commercial like Inception, Memento or The Dark Knight, I’d go out to the store and buy their coffee immediately.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Batman Vs The Penguin

Batman, the Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, Bruce Wayne. Whatever you call him, you always think he’s operating with stronger principles and on a higher moral ground than most people. He doesn’t like to kill. Or so he says. In this video by CollegeHumor, The Penguin, played by Patton Oswalt, exposes Batman’s lie and pays for it.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Lineup

When you’re the one guy in the police lineup who doesn’t know everyone else, chances are it’s gonna be a bad day. Especially if you’re stuck there with these bozos.