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Spike Jonze Shows Us That Robots Handle Relationships Like We Do

By getting drunk. Spike Jonze latest project I’m Here, a 30-minute tale about the ups and downs of robot love, is set to premier at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s also being used in an ad campaign for Absolute Vodka.

Highly Hackable TI Watch Used To Wirelessly Unlock Doors

Often when I reach for the keys in my pocket, I wonder why the hell we still use them. This dude is ahead of the curve though – he can open his doors by simply tapping his TI eZ430-Chronos watch.

Microsoft's Warped Arc Keyboard Gets A Hands-On

The guys at DVICE got one of the first fondles of the bizarre Microsoft Arc keyboard that raised some eyebrows at CES. Initial impressions were positive for both design and functionality.

I Would Lock Time At About Noon On A Saturday

Do you remember that TV show Out Of This World with that girl who could stop time (+100 obscurity bonus)? Probably not, but I always wished I could do that. It’s also the inspiration behind this concept watch.

Old Shopping Trolleys Aren't Just For Bums Anymore

As designer Ramon Coronado demonstrates, if you cut ‘em up and rearrange the parts, you can actually make some really cool furniture.

Add "Affordable" HP Printers To The 3D Blitz

Clearly, 2010 is poised to be the “year of 3D“. This includes movies, TV and maybe even “affordable” printers for small businesses. HP and Stratasys have teamed up to deliver a 3D printer that should cost less than $US15,000.

Does The Carpet Match The Slippers?

Yes, yes it does. I would trip over this constantly, so the fact that it is a concept is probably just as well. Wouldn’t mind the flip flops though – they look ridiculously comfortable.

How Many Minutes, MB Do You Average On Your Phone Plan?

3G, 4G, VoIP, a crippling growth in data usage – the bottom line is that there have been a lot of changes to the wireless industry recently. Are you one of the masses maxing out your minutes and data?

The Space Bar: Hope For Cleaning Up Your Desktop Clutter

Based on what I have seen in the past, there probably isn’t much hope for the major slobs among you, but for the rest of us, the Space Bar might help free up some desktop space.

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11-Year-Old Writes iPhone Drawing App And Donates Proceeds

He isn’t the youngest kid to write an iPhone app, but 11-year-old Cameron is wise beyond his years. He is donating a substantial part of the proceeds from his drawing app iSketch to the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.