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In Australia, Piracy Makes Your Movie Tickets More Expensive

According to a Village Roadshow executive responsible for film distribution, Australian pirates are driving up the cost of cinema tickets for regular moviegoers — along with the high cost of Aussie wages for multiplex staff, illegal online downloads apparently justify ticket prices topping $20 in some places around the country.

How To Take Flawless Phone Pics Of Your Naked Body

After a spate of recently-hacked phone nudes, it’s clear our advice to never shoot pictures of your own junk isn’t going to catch on. So if you’re going to do it, at least do it well. Here’s how to make your naked shots shine.

Is Quora Actually Smart?

Quora bills itself as nothing less than “your best source of knowledge” — not your dad, not your librarian, not Wikipedia. The company, spawned by two righteous Facebook alumni (one since ousted), has raised tens of millions from investors who think it can back this claim up. But a little poking around shows Quora’s got a lot of learning to do — today it’s the Tumblr of opinions.

Here's The Document That Started Apple's Hidden Irish Tax Scheme

The mega-valuable company that makes your laptop is under US congressional scrutiny this week for alleged offshore tax-dodging. It all started in 1980, when Apple’s California execs moved their operation to Ireland with a fake company with the codename “Waldwill Limited.”

It's (Mostly) Official: Yahoo Buying Tumblr Youth Serum For $1.1B

Cash! The WSJ says “the Yahoo board has approved a deal” to make this happen, and it’s hard to imagine Tumblr turning this down. One of the most unpopular companies in the world will soon own one of the most popular in history, and we’ll all find out if you really can buy cool.

Is Yahoo Buying Tumblr For A Billion?

Yahoo has a problem: it has no idea what it’s doing, or how it’s going to do it (outside of teenage dream hires). Some people who claim intimate knowledge say the company is going to do it by throwing a serious Hail Mary: buying Tumblr for $US1,000,000,000. That’s one billion.

Larry Page Reveals His Mystery Throat Condition

If you thought Google co-founder Larry Page sounded horribly sick last time he spoke, it’s because he’s recovering from vocal cord paralysis, an extremely rare condition that stifles speaking and breathing. Now Page is going public with his illness.

The Tragic, Crazed Emails Of A Startup Cheerleader

You don’t know Roger Dickey’s name, but you know his creation: Mafia Wars, that incredibly popular, spammy hybrid of virus and video game once played by millions, that polluted your Facebook feed some years back. Now, he’s got a new project on the way — a vague “dating coach” service — and it’s already annoying people: its own employees.

The Guys Who Made YouTube Are Reportedly Striking Out

YouTube made Chad Hurley and Steve Chen rich as Saudi kings after they sold it off to Google. They had the chance (and money!) to build anything they wanted — and they did, a brand new company called AVOS Systems. Two years later, and it seems the YouTube duo were a one-hit wonder.

The Fake Websites Of Law & Order Are So Stupid I Wish They Were Real

Law & Order has never been a paragon of TV realism — just take a look at the websites it makes up as plot devices. Poor Ice-T has to browse a web that’s nothing but rape sites and murder porn.

Hearing The World's Tallest Building Creak In A Storm Is Terrifying

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa skyscraper is a lot of things: a testament to humankind’s love of building humungous stuff for the hell of it. It’s very shiny! And, in a bad storm, it sounds like it’s about to fall apart.