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How A Car Company Built The World's First Mechanical Heart

In 1952, Dr Forest Dodrill captured national attention when he became the first surgeon to use a mechanical heart pump on a patient at Wayne State University’s Harper Hospital in Detroit. There’s a reason that heart pump looks like a 12-cylinder engine. It was made by General Motors.

Motorist Impaled By Pole Through Head Survives

After Andrew Linn fell asleep at the wheel during a Thanksgiving visit to Las Vegas last year. He drove into a yard and through a chain-link fence, forcing a pole through the windshield of his car. Emergency responders said Linn was conscious when they arrived, and was even trying to use his mobile phone to call for help – which was surprising, considering he had a pole through his head. That’s his X-ray.

Chevy Sells More Volts In Six Months Than Tesla Sells Roadsters Ever

Tesla Motors, hailed by all as the saviour of the planet, has been selling the all-electric Roadster model since 2008. Three-and-a-half years later, the automaker reports it has sold “more than 1500″ of the electric-powered two-seaters.

New Transformers 3 Trailer: Why's Optimus Prime So Angry?

Looks like Optimus Prime isn’t so happy about the lack of communication going on between Autobots and us earthlings. Now he’s got to clean up the mess.

Fighter Jet Bursts Into Flames As It Lands On Aircraft Carrier

Watch this video released by the US Navy just moments ago of an F/A-18C Hornet assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 113 as it experiences an engine fire following a touch-and-go landing aboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) on April 11th.

The Scariest Car Crash Ever Caught On Video Was Real

Yesterday morning we showed you a scary car accident camera phone video shot from the driver’s point-of-view as a two-by-four kicked up by a slow-moving trailer-carrying truck rockets through the windshield.

This Is The Scariest Tsunami Video Yet

We’ve seen a lot of scary videos of this month’s deadly Japanese earthquake and tsunami – but nothing like this. Watch as the waves ravage the port of Kesennuma, destroying everything in it’s path.

Video Of Japanese Fighter Jet Base Swamped By Tsunami

Earlier this morning, we showed you an amazing photo of a swamped Japanese F-2A fighter jet. Now there’s video of the damage done to it – and 17 others – at its air base. [Jalopnik]

Nissan Electric Car Stranding Owners

Now that electric-powered Nissan Leafs have been driven by the first owners for several weeks, Nissan’s claimed 160km range is being tested in reality. The result? Reports of Leafs running out of juice and stranding drivers with little warning. [Jalopnik]

This Is Detroit’s New Robocop Statue

Pete Hottelet is the entrepreneur whose $US25,000 may help bring a Robocop statue to Detroit. Here’s what it’ll look like (jump to the link to see it). [Jalopnik]