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These Boardshorts Are Basically Chafe Free

Summer is here, layers are being shed and it’s time to get wet. And I need a new pair of boardies, so why not go with the proven winner when it comes to both comfort and functionality? There isn’t because Hurley has what I need and desire.

KEF M500 Headphones Review: Perfect Balance Of Sound And Comfort

Shopping for headphones in the $300 to $400 headphone range can be a quandary. The $300 options are mostly all fluff backed by celebrities and marketing jargon. Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a pig, you know.

Capsule Minimalist Wallet Review: The Anti-Costanza

Do you have a George Costanza-sized wallet? If you do, you probably also have back problems. We can’t help you with damage you’ve already inflicted, but Capsule will help you ditch that bulge with its cleverly designed Minimalist collection wallet.

Holy Crap, Does This Shazam For Live Music Actually Work?

Music recognition apps like Shazam are great for telling you what’s playing on the radio or at the bar, but they can’t help you identify anything that’s being performed live. That is until now. Gracenote has shown off an early prototype of an app that will do just that.

Flying High: Jetman Talks Flight, Fear, And What's Next

Yves “Jetman” Rossy’s exploits have been well-documented over the years. He’s crossed the English Channel, the Grand Canyon, and flown alongside a B-17 bomber with a jet-powered wing strapped to his back and nothing else. He’s crazy in the best way possible. We caught up with Yves yesterday to chat about what’s coming next for Jetman, his thoughts on Felix Baumgartner and what it’s like to fly with a wing strapped to your back.

Hunter S. Thompson Would Have Loved This 'Psychedelic' Driving Range

Golf is an annoyingly frustrating sport to play, but it can also be one of the most relaxing — if you’re any good. So I can’t imagine the type of mental fortitude needed to even hit a ball in this elaborately trippy shooting range built for professional golfer Rickie Fowler.

New Ender's Game Trailer Looks Positive

If I didn’t know anything about Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game series, I’d probably be super excited to see the movie adaption. It takes place in space, has plenty of space battles and lots of things blow up. This latest trailer gives the illusion that the movie might not suck.

iOS 7 Beta 5 Changes: A Visual Walkthrough

As we march towards the release of iOS 7 in a couple months, Apple has released the fifth beta of its mobile OS. Here’s what we’ve noticed so far about today’s changes.

Jeff Bezos Is Buying The Washington Post For $US250 Million

Today the Washington Post Company agreed to sell the Washington Post newspaper to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for $US250 million in cash. This ends the Graham family’s ownership of the paper after four generations. The deal, which was made independently of Bezos’ other ventures, is expected to close within 60 days.

Here Are National Geographic Traveller's Best Photos Of 2013

This year marks National Geographic Traveller’s 25th annual photo contest, which invites amateurs to submit their best snaps for review by the mag’s venerable photo editors. Last night, the winners were revealed in all their high-res glory.