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Lost Cat: A True Story Of Love, Desperation And GPS Technology

Caroline Paul and her partner, the illustrator (and friend of Gizmodo) Wendy MacNaughton, were devastated when their beloved tabby cat Tibia disappeared from their San Francisco home. It was utterly out of character for the timid Tibby to venture far, especially for over a month’s time.

UV Wristband Helps Prevent Sunbathers From Burning

A Swedish company called Intellego Technologies is set to commercialise a special wristband, much like the kind wrapped around your wrist at concerts and music festivals, that can alert its wearer when it’s time to get out of the sun so as to avoid burning or potentially carcinogenic sun damage.

Air-Conditioned Pants May Be The Most Over-Engineered Garment Ever

It’s hot the hell outside, these days, and it’s pretty much unf**kingbearable to endure. Which may be why it took me an embarrassingly long amount of time — a few minutes, in this case, is a few minutes too many — to come back down to Earth and realise that pants with their own built-in A/C are not as brilliant as my sun-addled mind first thought.

Do You Bring A 'Beater' Phone, Rather Than Your Smartphone, When You Drink?

A recent report by AdAge claims a new trend has people bringing “beater” phones out with them when they know they plan on getting drunk (and want to avoid their expensive smartphone being smashed or snatched). CNN has been tracking the story and couldn’t find a a single person engaging in such proper prior planning. Is A NSFW Social Media And Content-Sharing Platform

Porn is porn is porn is porn. It’s packaged, produced, precisely staged. Even “amateur” porn isn’t really amateur. As Cindy Gallop, founder of the US ad firm Bartle Bogle Hegarty and driving force behind, is quick to clarify: the submission guidelines for user-generated porn sites specify everything from strategic camera angles to scripted dialogue, like “Oooh, I’ve never done this before!”

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Does This Font Truly Help Dyslexics Read?

I’m not dyslexic, so I really have no way of judging whether this is bogus or the real deal. But 10 per cent of people have the learning disability, and for them I hope this is legit.

Will You Buy An iPad Mini?

They are coming. They are smaller. They are certainly a nice addition to anyone’s Apple product family.

Moon-Shaped Ice-Cream Sandwich Balls: Coming To A Freezer Near You

The only thing better than ice cream is ice cream with a gimmick. And since ice cream trucks are all actually sort of drugs vans in disguise (right?), and those Pikachu-faced Popsicles aren’t even that tasty, please direct your attention to this new and very wonderful upgrade, coming straight from the guys who know how to make ice cream best: Häagen-Dazs.

Geometric Terrariums Are A Gorgeous Excuse To Buy A Cactus

If keeping even a little piddly goldfish alive is beyond your care-taking capabilities, well then you have a perfect excuse to buy one of these gorgeous, geometric terrariums! Yay for you.

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Wonderbra Built A Free App That Lets You Strip A Model Down To Her Skivvies

Sex sells. Blah, blah, blah. Wonderbra’s lingerie x-ray vision app masquerading as an ad campaign is pretty incredible. Not incredible good, but incredible, like…literally incredible. As in, I am incredulous.