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Why Spoiling Game Of Thrones Is Not As Heinous A Crime As You Might Think

We’re three episodes into the fourth season of Game of Thrones now. That’s enough time for regular watchers of the show to have settled back into their regular Monday night watching schedules, avoiding spoilers in the afternoon (if they want to).

If you do happen to run across a spoiler or two before you watch the show, though, it’s not the end of the world.

App Review: Monument Valley Is The Perfect Hour

In a mobile gamescape cluttered with free-to-play fluff meant to while away weeks, months and even years rises Monument Valley, a premium perceptual puzzle game that offers just an hour of content — the most sublime hour my iPad has ever given me.

Valve Unveils 13 Steam Machines, With Specs And Prices

During Valve’s CES 2014 event this evening, the company released a brochure featuring images, prices, and specificiations for 13 third-party Steam Machines. Let’s take a look-see!

Check Out 10 iOS 7 Features That Will Make Everything Better

After months of drooling over flat icons and clean lines, I’ve finally gotten my hands on iOS 7. Let’s take a look at 10 fresh features of the revamped operating system, from essential changes to the just plain neat. For instance, the new default wallpaper is an illusion. Ooooo.

GPUBoss.com Can Help You Pick A Graphics Card

The graphics card marketplace can be quite confusing to the new PC gamer. There are no standardised labels, cards with the same number designation vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the internet is filled with people that swear their favourite piece of poly-processing hardware is the best. I’ve been buying cards for more than a decade, and I still get confused. That’s why GPUBoss.com exists.

The MOGA Will Change The Way You Play (Several) Android Games

The blossoming Android phone game controller market has a new entrant with the launch of Power A’s MOGA, an innovative game pad/phone dock that I’ve been pretty excited about since its announcement earlier this year. Now that I’ve had a week alone with the MOGA I’m still enthusiastic, but the unit’s success hinges on much than performance.

Video: The Most Insane Gaming Keyboard I've Ever Typed On

I’ve gone through dozens of gaming keyboards during my decades of PC gaming, from generic off-white Wal-Mart specials to elaborate, fully-programmable, back-lit monstrosities. The Cyborg S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 from Mad Catz is the first gaming keyboard I’ve had to screw together before using.

The Next Xbox Could Transform Your Living Room Into One Massive 3D Display

It’s not quite holodeck technology, but it’s not far off. A patent filed back in March by Microsoft describes advanced display technology that extends the gaming environment from the television to all four walls of a room.

Razer Switchblade Review: The Programmable Touchscreen Gaming Keyboard

When Star Wars: the Old Republic launched last year, peripheral maker Razer was ready, delivering a stylish mouse and headset combo that evoked the feel of the Lucasverse at a modest premium over similar devices. Razer was not, however, ready with the $US250 keyboard.

Razer Blade Review: Unique Gaming Laptop Packs Four-Inch Touchscreen

When I see the term ‘gaming laptop’, the first word that comes to mind is ‘performance’. And when I hear of a gaming laptop with a price tag of nearly $US2,800, I imagine a system that can readily outperform any less expensive machine.

Razer Fiona: A Gaming PC Trapped In The Body Of A Tablet

While it may look like your average Android tablet affixed with a pair of button-festooned handlebars, beneath the shimmering screen of Razer’s Project Fiona lurks the beating heart of a high-powered gaming PC. Are we looking at the future of portable gaming?