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Clean Bottle Runner Review: Better Off Thirsty

Running for extended periods of time is difficult if you don’t have water, but water is difficult to carry, never mind your phone and keys. The Runner combines all your essentials in one package that straps firmly onto your hand for easy carrying. But it’s not so good for running.

Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler Thinks It's A Cup

The Stelton To Go 2.0 Thermo Cup lures you in with its Danish design, but you’ll stay for its drinkability — and not in the Bud Light sense of the word.

The Groundbreaking Camera That Captured Man's First Steps On The Moon

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon. This unassuming, metal box was actually the Westinghouse Apollo Lunar Television Camera that broadcasted his fateful first steps to millions of viewers across the world.

Columbia Freeze Degree Short Sleeve Crew Review: This Shirt Sucks In Sweat

Columbia’s Freeze Degree T-shirt contains a fabric filled with polymers called Omni-Freeze. They act like goosebumps, cooling the skin with tiny rings that swell when they get wet. Innuendo aside, this kind of works.

Take Your Phone On A Jog With This Water Bottle Strap

You can’t go out on a run without your keys — or your phone, money, water and energy gels — but carrying that stuff is annoying. The challenge gets a bit easier with the handy pocketed strap on the Runner by Clean Bottle, which attaches to a water bottle for easy access and portability.

This Tea Infuser Loves Its Job

It’s no mystery why the Mr Tea Infuser looks so happy. You would too if your job was soaking in decadent herbal baths all day. $US10 this October.

Super-Efficient Microchip Harvests Power From Heat, Light And Vibration All At Once

You’ve heard of electronics harvesting electricity from heat, light and vibration sources individually, but this new chip from MIT is the first that can do all three at the same time. Listen carefully and you’ll hear the Energizer bunny quaking in its boots.

Would You Buy A $100, Open Source, Android Gaming Console Designed By Yves Behar?

The Ouya is a concept for a completely open sourced and hackable Android game console designed by Yves Behar (the guy who designed the Jambox and OLPC). When it arrives (if ever), $US100 will buy you the box, a developer’s kit, and all the free games you can play.

Making Saltwater Drinkable Is The Latest Miracle Brought To You By Graphene

All signs point towards graphene being the supermaterial that pushes humanity into the future we’ve been dreaming of. From impossibly fast transistors to curing foot odor, there’s seemingly no limit to Graphene’s potential.

This One-Piece Rain Suit Lets You Pedal Through The Most Torrential Rains

Who decided babies should have all the fun when it comes to onesies? Certainly not Smart Products. Its one-piece Bikesuit offers head to toe rain protection in the form of waterproof, breathable polyester. Come at me, Poseidon!