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HDD-Powered Tablet Sounds Like A Very Bad Idea

The world’s first 2.5-inch HDD intended for tablets (but also available as a standalone device) has one thing going for it: It allows Archos to release two new G9 tablets that’ll each have 250GB of storage. That is a lot of room.

Cablevision Being Sued For Unauthorised Video Streaming

Yet another lawsuit—this time between Viacom and Cablevision – was started today. Reuters reports that the alleged culprit, Cablevision, is being accused of “unauthorised streaming of [Viacom's]programming on devices such as Apple Inc’s iPad”.

Holy iPods!

The Vatican’s lending iPods to pilgrims touring the Catholic church’s stomping ground. The aim is twofold: On one hand, it’ll lower noise brought on by yapping tour guides; on the other, they hope to attract younger members of the faith.

Pressure-Powered Portable Devices? Preposterous! Or Not...

The best battery is one that lasts forever. The runner-up is one that charges because you’re using the device it powers. And Australian researches are trying to make the latter a more mainstream reality.

Quick! Buy This Dude's Game Boy IPhone 4 Case Before Nintendo Slaps Him With A C & D

Any iPhone-packing gamer out there will have a tough time resisting this Game Boy iPhone 4 case. I don’t even own an iPhone and I’m considering it.

The Dutch Are Making QR-Coded Coins. Seriously.

When did you last scan a QR code? It probably wasn’t on a coin. But the Dutch are changing that with QR-coded currency.

Patent Suggests Apple Wants To Play Matchmaker For You And Nearby Strangers

Imagine: You walk into a bar and instantly your iPhone tells you there are five people there who also like classic death metal and produce photography. Well Mac Rumors found an Apple patent that may do just that.

The Trick To Wearing Or Baking A Moustache

Here at Giz, we’re all fans of facial hair. And though not all of us prefer having hair on our faces, we know a good ‘stache when we see one.

Vampire Stars Stay Young By Feeding Off Their Neighbours

A cannibalistic star sounds like something fit for a sci-fi flick, but it’s a real thing. And it’s called a “blue straggler”.