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Try The Super-Secure USB Drive OS That Edward Snowden Insists On Using

We all know that Edward Snowden insists on secure email, but he’s also very picky about his operating systems too. In fact, he uses a free, super-secure version of Linux — called Tails — that fits on a USB stick and can be used on any computer without leaving a trace.

Flashback: How Yahoo Killed Flickr And Lost The Internet

In the wake of Yahoo’s $US1.1 billion acquisition of beloved social platform Tumblr, it’s perhaps worth looking back what the company did after it caught — and gutted — another big fish. Yes, Yahoo’s a different company now, especially with Marissa Mayer at the helm. And Tumblr, along with its price tag, are an order of magnitude larger than Flickr was when Yahoo bought it. There are differences.

Windows Phone 8 Looks Great, But It Screws Existing Users

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 today, complete with multi-core support, a new Start screen, native code sharing with its forthcoming Windows 8, a new Wallet feature for mobile payments, SD card support, more screen resolution support and IE 10. And there’s still more to come in today’s Windows Phone Summit. Phew.

Why A Keyboard Is The Only Way To Beat Apple

The killer (or be killed) feature of the new Microsoft Surface for Windows RT is its keyboard. The tablet itself is a wonderful device. It’s got a great body and a (seemingly) fast processor, but input is everything.

Hands On: Microsoft Surface For Windows RT

Microsoft’s event today was long on promise and short on specs. RAM? We dunno. Processor speed? We dunno. Price? We dunno. Release date? We dunno. But even a very brief hands-on made something abundantly clear: it’s a super solid device and if Microsoft can deliver what it demoed, the iPad finally has a real competitor and Android has a big problem.

Opinion: Humans Love Apple Events Because Humans Love Spaceships

Dan Lyons, the guy who used to be Fake Steve Jobs, has a story today that asks, “Once upon a time we put a man on the moon. Now we pee our pants over retina displays. WTF happened to us?” The answer is really easy: We’re the same as we’ve always been. We love to watch things change.

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WWDC Smackdown: Who Apple Hit Hardest Today

Apple announced so much great new stuff today, and Tim Cook walked away looking too fine and fancy. But not everyone left in such good shape. Apple threw plenty of haymakers at its biggest competitors.

What San Francisco Would Look Like After Climate Change

For coastal cities, rising sea levels due to climate change are questions of when and how high, not if. San Francisco’s Burrito Justice created this amazing poster that shows what the city would look like after the waters rose.

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Google Maps Gets Offline Mobile Access And 3D Capabilities

Google Maps today announced it is rolling out offline maps for mobile and improving the 3D capabilities of its maps via aerial data. It’s a major overhaul, one that comes in the face of Google reportedly losing one of its biggest partners.

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Windows 8 Release Preview Hands-On: Wonderful But Kind Of Boring

The Windows 8 Release Preview is among us and, boy, is it lovely. It’s so much dreamier than the Consumer Preview and makes the Developer Preview look like something cobbled together out of two-by-fours, electrical tape and rebar. It’s also quite boring.