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Why Spoiling Game Of Thrones Is Not As Heinous A Crime As You Might Think

We’re three episodes into the fourth season of Game of Thrones now. That’s enough time for regular watchers of the show to have settled back into their regular Monday night watching schedules, avoiding spoilers in the afternoon (if they want to).

If you do happen to run across a spoiler or two before you watch the show, though, it’s not the end of the world.

15 Faked Miniature Photographs

Tilt-shift photography wasn’t invented to transform real world scenes into small scale models, but who’s complaining? Here are 15 faked miniatures.

Give $1 To Stop Terminators. Seriously.

There’s nothing you can do to prevent another Terminator movie. But if you have a buck, you can do something to stop real Terminators…or at least ensure that they’ll like us when they show up.

Did Your Donation Really Reach Japan? (Probably Not.)

Twitter is full of anxious donors, retweeting to text REDCROSS to 90999 to make $US10 donation. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this donation: The American Red Cross is a superb organisation. But Japan hasn’t actually asked for help just yet.

No Shooting Challenge This Week

Given that no one likes to work over the holidays, our intrepid Shooting Challenge participants can take the week off to focus on making particularly lofty, soon-unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions related or completely unrelated to the art of the snapshot. But don’t go soft on us; we’ll announce a new challenge, as usual, next Wednesday.

14 Reader Family Portraits

Some of you, dear Gizmodo readers, have lovely families who celebrate the holidays with Hallmarkian rigor. Others…don’t you realise that duct tape wasn’t meant for lips?

The Church Of The Sacred Hologram

Will you tell of your hopes and your dreams and the goodness you have seen? Or will you tell them of the darkness you’ve created with your own hands?

Turning Welch's Juice Into Wine In 48 Hours

I’m taking the last sip of home-brewed purple liquid. It’s sweet yet balanced, fizzy yet quenching, smooth yet these words look a bit blurry. It tastes like a dangerously well-mixed drink. And just 48 short hours ago, it was Welch’s.

Farewell Gizmodo, Sort Of

After four years, thousands of posts and countless phallic puns, I’m leaving one of the world’s greatest jobs in attempt to pioneer new projects. And I’d love it if I could coax a few of you to come along.

The Explosions Of Every Nuclear Bomb To Date

This video, by artist Isao Hashimoto, charts every nuclear detonation from the US’s tests in 1945 to the modern era. Even if you’re versed in history, it still offers a perspective that’s tough to entirely grasp in numbers alone.

Finally, A Hole Punch For Beer

I think I can speak for everyone here when I say there’s nothing worse than not drinking a bottle of brewskie through a crazy straw.