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Nikon 1 J4: An Interchangeable-Lens Camera That's All About 'Features'

Just a month after announcing the pricey V3 interchangeable-lens camera, Nikon global just pushed out info about a more compact, and we’re assuming more affordable, version of the mirrorless camera. The Nikon 1 J4 is ultra-fast and loaded with beginner-friendly features.

Report: Facebook Will Pull Chat Out Of Main Mobile App

TechCrunch reports that Facebook will be removing chat from its standalone mobile apps in an effort to force people to use its Facebook Messenger application. If true, the move would be Facebook’s latest aggressive play to take control of your messaging life.

These On-Demand Drones Are Just A Concept, But They Still Freak Me Out

It’s looking increasingly likely that our skies will be clouded with drones in the future. Hiring a drone to do some work for you could one day be as easy as getting a ride from Uber, which you should find equal parts incredible and terrifying.

E-Cigarette Plugged Into iPad Charger Explodes In Front Of Bartender

Behind a bar in England, an e-cigarette exploded, covering a woman in sparks and flames. E-cigarettes are controversial, but not usually for blowing up.

How To Remove A Bra Strap (In Photoshop)

Here’s a nice little tutorial on how to use Photoshop’s Content Aware feature to remove unwanted imperfections from photos. The culprit in the photo above is a bra strap. Content aware makes it disappear.

NASA's Earth Photo Of The Year: Puny Islands Float In The Turbulent Sea

Since it’s basketball bracket season, NASA’s Earth Observatory has been running a tournament of its own, putting a year’s worth of great satellite images in head-to-head competition. The winner is a stunner.

Mophie Space Pack Review: All The iPhone Storage You Need (Plus Bulk)

Mophie invented the battery-charging iPhone case aeons ago, saving legions of email addicts from midday phone death. With its new Space Pack case, Mophie hopes to once again give iPhone users something they have never had before: extra storage space.

Google Glass Livestream App Makes Broadcasting Your Vision Even Easier

The new Livestream app for Google Glass makes showing the entire world exactly what you’re looking at easier than before. Though you’ve already been able to broadcast directly from the specs using Google Hangouts, the new app underscores what makes people most uncomfortable about Glass: It’s creepy!

Sony A7s: Sony's Compact Full-Frame Camera Gets A Video Overhaul

Just a half-year after Sony announced the wicked A7 and A7r full-frame compact interchangeable-lens cameras it’s pushing out a new iteration of the mirrorless shooter. This one’s built around video. It does 4K video, too — Sort of. It’s not what people were expecting from the A7s, but it might be incredible anyway.

Windows 8.1 Update: The Return Of The Mouse

At today’s Build conference keynote, Microsoft officially announced Windows 8.1 Update 1. It includes a bunch of tweaks for people who want to forgo its touch optimisation and use the OS primarily with a mouse and keyboard.