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Apple Mac Pro: Australian Review

There hasn’t been a properly new Mac Pro for a very long time. The original Mac OS X workstation for creative professionals — video editors, commercial photographers, 3D animators — was released in 2006, and the giant cheese grater suffered a ploddingly slow upgrade cycle that meant that plenty of its former fanboys jumped ship to iMacs, MacBooks Pro or Windows boxes. But the Mac Pro is back, it’s better, and now there’s actually no reason not to buy one.

Windows Phone 8.1 Review: Gloriously Good Enough

Windows 8.1′s recent update was a subtle but effective boost. Windows Phone‘s 8.1 power up follows the same cues. It’s not mind-blowing, it’s not world-changing, it’s nothing to jump around and scream about, but it turns Windows Phone into something it’s never quite been before: an OS that’s totally good enough.

What's The Biggest Internet Shopping Risk You've Ever Taken?

There are some things you should really see/inspect/measure before you buy, but in the age of item reviews and free return shipping laziness often dictates that we just take a best guess and see how things play out.

Install Shelves That Make Your House Look Windy

These shelves throw caution to the wind. They’ll blow you away. They’re a breeze. Can’t. Stop. Puns. Everywhere. Look, the point is that paper scattering in the wind is a great motif for shelves and these are super pretty. OK? Fine.

Finally A Cute Robot That Doesn't Have The Crazy Eyes

Wall-E has adorable droopy eyes and is totally compelling, but I have to remind everyone that he isn’t real. If you need a minute to let that sink in take as much time as you need. We’re gonna talk about Romibo and you can catch up later.

Is Molten Light Oozing Out Of The Abyss?

If ever there was something bubbling out of the primordial ooze it’s these little pools of light. There’s something that’s just gloopy and compelling about them. This is KIHOU, a series produced by tangent, a London/Tokyo design studio.

Two Meteorites Discovered In Antarctica May Be From The Same Supernova

There’s nothing more fascinating or TV special-worthy than twins separated at birth. Whether they’re reunited at 15 or 50 it’s safe to say that there’ll be some eerily similar food preferences and a whole lot of crying. But what about two chemically-identical grains of silica that haven’t seen each other for more than 4.6 billion years?

Equip Yourself With Slingshots For The Zombie Apocalypse

When you think about how you would deal with a zombie invasion, the weapons that come to mind probably don’t include slingshots. But if the story of David and Goliath has taught us anything it’s that slingshots are pretty deadly. Plus that whole underdog thing. Whatever.

Efemr Is Snapchat For Twitter, Which Can Only End Well

So yeah, efemr is a web app that scrubs tweets after the amount of time you hashtag. Want a tweet gone after five minutes? #5m. Two hours? #2h. You get the gist.

This Shirt Can Be Worn For 100 Days Without Washing, Which Sounds Sketchy But Also Awesome

Who even knows. The creators of Wool&Prince are claiming that you can wear their wool button-down shirts for days on end without them wrinkling, smelling or showing any dirt. Frankly, that sounds ridiculous, but maybe?

Undercover Cops Are Selling iPhones On The Street To Get People To Stop Buying Stolen iPhones

In San Francisco police are using a new tactic to disincentivise people from buying stolen iPhones: they’re trapping them in undercover stings. Wearing plain clothes, the officers are going around certain city areas and selling iPhones which they readily indicate are stolen. When someone tries to buy one, they make an arrest.

Watching Someone Make Daguerreotypes Is Totally Mesmerizing

To be honest, it’s pretty clear why daguerreotypes got passed over for more flexible photographic processes. You put a crap ton of work, not to mention seriously dangerous chemicals, into an image that then can’t be duplicated. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing looking.