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The Best Action Camera: Q2 2014 Edition

You can’t just do something dangerous and insane these days without filming it for posterity. And while action cameras let us relieve these life-highlights over and over, they aren’t all created equal. We decided to see for ourselves which one could handle your extreme adventures best.

Earth 2.0: What We Know About The First Earth-Sized Planet In A Habitable Zone

When you’re looking for alien life, the best place to look is somewhere like Earth; the only place we know of that life exists. Kepler-186f, the first Earth-sized planet to be found in the habitable zone of a star, is the best bet we’ve ever found.

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Fitmodo Bestmodo: The Best Fitness Apps For Android And iOS

Staying fit is important. Even if it seems enjoyable to lie on the couch and devour hours of YouTube videos on your iPad, science says you’re actually happier when you exercise. Fortunately, gadgets can fit in with your gym routine, and the right apps can even make it better. We’ve tested dozens of fitness apps, including ones that can help you train for a marathon, stick to a diet or do a downward-facing dog pose with the precision of a yogi. If you’re serious about getting into shape, here’s what you should download first.