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In Australia, Piracy Makes Your Movie Tickets More Expensive

According to a Village Roadshow executive responsible for film distribution, Australian pirates are driving up the cost of cinema tickets for regular moviegoers — along with the high cost of Aussie wages for multiplex staff, illegal online downloads apparently justify ticket prices topping $20 in some places around the country.

What If You Put Water Balloons On A BBQ [Video]

What happens when you mix two backyard staples, the water balloon and the barbeque grill? Apparently a pop loud enough to convince your neighbours you’re setting off anti-aircraft missiles.

You Don't Want To Live Inside This Perpetually Rainy House

A haunted house? Yes please. A crowded house? Sure, as long as someone’s always playing “Don’t Dream It’s Over”. But one thing I could not stand is a rainy house, like this one, which will be rainy for the entire month of June.

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iTunes Match Will Give You Official Copies Of Your Songs For $US25 A Year

It seemed like Apple was poised to let iTunes in the cloud be an officially-purchased-music affair only, but the One More Thing this year was a bit of a curveball: iTunes Match.

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Use Your iPad On Your TV With Wireless AirPlay Mirroring

This was just one of the many new features that didn’t warrant more than a sneeze at the end of the iOS 5 portion of today’s keynote, but it’s an awesome one: AirPlay Mirroring.

Thank God iPhone Gets Hardware Camera Button (And More)

Smartphone cameras are the new, ya know, real cameras, and iOS 5 is gonna make the iPhone’s camera a hell of a lot easier to use. First and foremost: HARDWARE SHUTTER BUTTON. Baby bay-bay.

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Mobile Safari Is Getting Real Tabbed Browsing

Yes. Oh yes, yes, yes. Mobile Safari in iOS5 will bring real tabbed browsing to the iPhone and iPad. I can’t express how much I hate that little tab thumbnail button, so this makes me happy as a clam. Check out the rest of iOS 5′s new features in our roundup.

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AirDrop Is Apple's Simple-As-Pie File Transfer Tool

From the looks of things, OS X is all about refinement: finding the rough edges of personal computing and smoothing them out into a nice polish. One of the roughest edges? Transferring files on your local network. Enter AirDrop.

What's Apple Hiding On This WWDC Mystery Banner?

OSX Lion is coming. iOS5 is coming. iCloud is coming. The banners for these products are already flapping in the air-conditioned wind at Moscone enter. But what is behind this mystery banner, shrouded in black?

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iWork For iPhone

They’re small, they’re powerful, and they’re finally here. Pages, Numbers and Keynote for the iPhone are packed with features, proving just how extensive pocket-size productivity can be. They also prove that it can be a real pain in the arse to do work on your phone.

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Leafsnap For iPhone And iPad

In this age of excess, there’s one thing we could all use a little more of: Nature! It’s life giving and life affirming. It’s all around us. And yet, most of us still don’t know it all that well. No longer! Leafsnap will turn you into a tree-identifying citizen of the future.