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Windows Phone Will Soon Get Xbox Live TV-Controlling Powers

Coupled with the news that the Xbox 360 is getting TV (including in Australia), WP7 Phones will join in with a new Xbox Companion app. Everything you’ll want to watch will be controllable right from your smartphone.

These Micro Photos Will Give You Beautiful Nightmares

At Nikon’s annual Small World Photomicrography Competition, scientists and professional photographers work together to capture the freakiest of the teensiest and tiniest flora and fauna on film. The unseen world they shoot is beautiful… in a terrifying sort of way.

Brand New TinTin Trailer Looks Better Every Time I Watch It

Nope. No uncanny valley here — we see a few shots of actual, humanoid talking. No dead doll faces. Just pure bloody brilliant action. Did you see that motorcycle?! Well, Mr Spielberg. I’m officially watching this.

This Piggy Power Strip Is Too Cute/Creepy To Resist

Even though it’s bound to burn a hole through your desk, I still kind of want this thing. Yet another “classic” from Art Lebedev, the Svintus plug pig has 17 Type F sockets for all your Russian power needs.

iOS 5 GM Is Out For Developers

With iOS 5 coming out next Wednesday, Apple just opened the flood gates to the general market seed on their developer site. This release will probably have all the goodies you can expect for the final version. We’ll let you know what has changed. [BGR]

Microsoft Files For Body Scan Patent

This will either be a godsend or a creepy nightmare. Microsoft recently filed for a patent that would allow the Kinect to scan your body size and proportions to guess your age. The idea is it’ll determine whether you’re of Skinemax age.

US President Gets His Apple Products Earlier Than You

The White House has already admitted to using iPads pretty regularly. But it turns out that the President himself got his iPad 2 earlier than anyone. And directly from Steve Jobs himself.

iPhone 4S Doesn’t Care About 4G

Phil Schiller just announced the iPhone 4S, without going into detail about how fast it’ll fun on your network or whether its 4G or not. It doesn’t matter, and he knows it.

Young Fukushima Evacuees Suffering From Thyroid Problems

Even though Japan is trying to rebuild, the incredible radiation unleashed by the Fukushima Daiichi plant after the tsunami continues to take its toll. One charity found that 10 out of 130 youths evacuated from Fukushima is suffering from thyroid irregularities.

Self-Cleaning Cloth Keeps Shirts Bacteria-Free With Sunlight

This is laundry science at work. Researchers at the University of California at Davis have developed a compound that blends into cotton clothes and, when exposed to sunlight, destroys bacteria and toxins.