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You're Joking: A 4K TV For $1080?!

A couple of months ago, Seiki announced a 50-inch 4K TV with a suggested MSRP of $US1500 — which is still an absurd price point for a 4K TV. The price has continued to drop, and now Amazon’s selling it for $US1081.

Apple's Weird Refurbished Ebay Store Is Gone

Shoppers looking for the best price on Apple stuff recently may have noticed a mysterious ebay store selling official Apple refurbs for less than Apple itself. Although Apple never confirmed its involvement, it was widely believed that it was behind Refurbished_Outlet, because it sold official Apple refurbs with genuine Applecare. Today, there are no more products for sale through Refurbished_Outlet, and the store page brings you to an FAQ.

TSA Auctions Off Confiscated Knives

Various American government entities have a lot of stuff they need to sell off, and they often do it through a site called GovDeals, which is kind of an ebay for the federally funded set. An auction took place overnight for a lot of 40 gerber knives. They sold for $301, or $7.50 per knife.

Apple's Mysterious Ebay Store Sells Macs For Less Than The Apple Store

Since last October, there has been a store on ebay in the US that goes by the name Refurbished_Outlet, and it only sells Apple products. Although there’s no contact information and little Apple corporate branding, 9to5Mac and AppleInsider think it’s an official Apple outlet, because it sells official Apple refurbs.

Take Mensa's Free Test And Find Out If You're A Genius

Mensa — the club for people who know they’re smarter than you — is offering its home test for free during the month of January. It’s an IQ test that takes 32 minutes to complete and will tell you whether you’re Mensa material.

US Airports Will Steal Summer's Heat To Thaw Frozen Winter Runways

The winter months are some of the busiest travel times of the year, but they’re also the most likely time for an aeroplane to be delayed. The culprit? Icy runways. Wouldn’t it be nice and efficient if we could take some of the excess summer heat, save it, and use it to thaw out airports in the winter? Some of the busiest airports in the world are considering doing just that.

Ancient Car-Sized Turtles Hung Out With Titanoboas

Scientists recently discovered a fossilised turtle so big, its shell could be mistaken for a boat. If you were to stand it up, is 1.7m, just shorter than the average male. That’s just the shell. Its skull is about the size of a football and was equipped with massive jaws that allowed it to eat almost anything. This fossilised remains of this car-sized beast were recently discovered in Columbia.

How A Single Bolt Sidelined A Submarine For Three Months

If you heard an ominous sound coming from your car’s engine, what would you do? Most people probably wouldn’t continue to gun the engine, trying different gears until the problem went away. But if you were the crew of the guided missile-equipped USS Georgia and you heard some clunking coming from the submarine’s engine, that’s exactly what you would do.

Aussie Architecture: Would You Live In A Church?

Just outside of Adelaide, Australia, there’s a pedestrian-looking, bluestone church deserving of a second glance. Inside, the 1877 house of worship has been completely renovated and transformed into a thoroughly modern dwelling. It’s such a unique residence that it’s no surprise that it was snapped up almost immediately after it went on the market.

Your Chariot Awaits...Your Snacks

Imagine loading this table up with snacks on the top shelf and beverages on the bottom, then rolling it out to your immaculately decorated modern living room for some serious hedonism — maybe a long movie marathon or a serious gaming session. Sure, there are lots of glorified TV trays that can do that. But few do it with the grace and sophistication of the Chariot table.