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The Best Action Camera: Q2 2014 Edition

You can’t just do something dangerous and insane these days without filming it for posterity. And while action cameras let us relieve these life-highlights over and over, they aren’t all created equal. We decided to see for ourselves which one could handle your extreme adventures best.

Earth 2.0: What We Know About The First Earth-Sized Planet In A Habitable Zone

When you’re looking for alien life, the best place to look is somewhere like Earth; the only place we know of that life exists. Kepler-186f, the first Earth-sized planet to be found in the habitable zone of a star, is the best bet we’ve ever found.

Skype Is Now Officially A Division Of Microsoft

The boards have sent their approval, the money has exchanged hands and the regulatory hurdles have been overcome. Now it’s time for Skype to officially become part of Microsoft.

Is Google Going To Conquer The World With Google+?

Google Co-founder and CEO Larry Page spoke candidly about the future of Google during the company’s recent earnings conference call. Page wants to make Google’s products more social and the best way to do that is through Google+.

Siri's Achilles Heel Is Non-Native English Speakers With Thick Accents

9to5Mac stumbled upon a YouTube video that exposes one of Siri’s weaknesses — people who speak English with a heavy accent. These non-native speakers cause poor Siri to get all confused.

Samsung's Galaxy Tablets Infringe On Apple's Patents, Says US Judge

Yesterday an Australian court judge granted Apple an injunction against the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets here. Today, US judge Lucy Koh has ruled in favour of Apple upholding the company’s claim that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets infringe upon iPad-related patents, but she did not go so far as to grant an injunction barring the sale of the tablets. [Reuters]

Hulu Is No Longer Available To The Highest Bidder

If you were thinking about buying Hulu, we’ve got some bad news for you. You’re a day too late with your bid.

RIM Begins To Restore BlackBerry Services

BlackBerry users will soon get their email fix again as RIM is finally restoring its BlackBerry services worldwide.

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Here's An Alpha Version Of CyanogenMod For The HP Touchpad

The HP Touchpad just jumped up a few notches on the tablet scale now that the first public release of CyanogenMod is available for download.

Dennis Ritchie, Co-Creator Of Unix And Founder Of C, Has Died

In less than a week, the world has lost two tech pioneers. Last week, we mourned the passing of Steve Jobs, and now we say goodbye to computer scientist Dennis Ritchie who also recently died.

Apple Wants You To Stream Movies To Your iPad

Apple put its iTunes music in the cloud and soon it may be doing something similar with its movies. A rumour from the Wall Street Journal suggests the company is in talks with Hollywood about a movie streaming service.

Microsoft Tempting Blackberry And iOS Users With Free Windows Phone Handsets

RIM and Apple are having a bad day and it’s only getting worse. Not only are their servers still misbehaving, their competition is giving away free phones to users who are upset with these service disruptions.