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Incite All The Riots You Want Using Your Facebook Fridge Magnets

Did your mother ever tell you that if you don’t have something nice to say, to not say it at all? She obviously didn’t have Fridgebook magnets, which you can use to hire hitmen, talk about drugs, or incite riots, unbeknownst to the do-gooder outside world.

Did Apple Just Win A MagSafe Patent Application For iOS Devices -- Or Something Else?

Over a year ago Apple filed a patent application for adding a MagSafe-like connector to iOS devices. Unfortunately, their newly granted patent may sound like MagSafe’s coming to iPads and iPhones — but this isn’t it.

Windows 8 Will Have An App Store

Talk of a Windows 8 app store has swirled around our feet like the approaching fall leaves (there’s something about operating systems that gets me all poetic), but Microsoft’s never broached the subject–until now, on their new blog.

Google Reader For Android Adds Honeycomb Tablet Support

Hey, good news tablet owners–Google Reader for Android has been updated, bringing along Honeycomb support, a new UI and a few more small changes. [AndroidMarket via AndroidPolice]

Stephen Colbert Made It To Space -- Sort Of

Perhaps MakerBot felt bad for Stephen Colbert after Nasa failed to name their new toilet after him. Whatever the reason, he can’t complain about a 3D-printed bust of his head being sent off to space.

Technology That Makes Tumours Touchy-Feely For Surgeons

What would a tumour feel like? Sadness? Despair? Hope? Surgeons will soon know, thanks to a device invented by Leeds University, England, which lets users judge the cancerous state of tumors, along with the best way to go about treatment.

Measure The Girth Of Anything Using This Tape Measure

Yeh, metal-tape measures stopped being cool right around the time ThinkGeek started selling the Smart String, which has 50 inches of retractable string that can bend around curved things. BUT WAIT! It also tells you the measurements on the LCD screen.

Motorola Droid HD's Latest Leaked Photoshoot

Appearing alongside the perpetually delayed Bionic (left) in some leaked pics sent to Engadget is the Droid HD (right), which is said to have a 4.5-inch HD screen (possibly qHD?) and a size zero width.

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David Byrne's Fake iPhone Apps Will Crack You Up

The Talking Heads frontman and all-round arty guy David Byrne has created a few fakie iPhone apps (which sadly aren’t available for download) for a social media art exhibit, which sounds really grim but luckily his apps are anything but.

About.me Website Now Offering Personal Email Addresses

Vanity website purveyor About.me is offering up @about.me email addresses, where your website username becomes your handle. Supporting both IMAP and POP, you can redirect your mail to your own email client, or view mail in your about.me account. [About.me via TNW]