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When Zombies Attack: Wedding Photography Edition

Wedding photography doesn’t always have to be soppy and soft-focus. Sometimes it rains — or sometimes ZOMBIES ATTACK. As engaged couple Juliana and Ben discovered during their engagement photoshoot with Amanda Rynda. Check the horror-story out here. [via Bulent]

Electric MonoTracer On Sale For That Tron Experience

Looking more like a Tron Lightcycle than any motorbike you’ve ever seen before, the Swiss MonoTracer has been electrified for the new MonoTracer-E model, which still fits two people for a comfortable, eco-friendly ride.

Does The World Need A BlackBerry Music-Streaming Service?

Look, we get it RIM–your BBM service is great. But a music-streaming service that runs in BBM? WTF? CNet heard from sources that they’ve signed papers with one of the four big music labels already.

Sony's 3D Binoculars Shoot High-Def 3D Video, 7.1MP Photos

Well, maybe crims can afford to whack $2000 down on a pair of digital binoculars this November, if they know the pay-offs going to be good. The Dev-3 and Dev-5 models shoot 7.1-megapixel photos and 3D video.

Why We Lie More Over The Phone, And Why TV News Pundits Should Watch Themselves

According to research undertaken on the deceit of lying, we fib more over the phone than by email — perhaps because it can’t easily come back to bite us, or maybe because of deeper psychological reasons?

IBM's New Processors Will Think Like Brains

It’s been just over 30 years since IBM released its first PC and shook the whole world up. Hoping to do some more world-shaking, they’ve now built two chips that function more similarly to our brains than normal chips do.

Virtual Reality Goggles For iPhone Turn 2D Content Into '3D'

Good ol’ Hammacher Schlemmer — they’ve taken one company’s outlandish idea of a virtual reality viewer for the iPhone, and turned it into a $US50 contraption nobody will buy.

I Want To Be The World's Most Famous Cat Photographer!

Back in 1955, Mr. Walter Chandoha was apparently the world’s most famous feline-snapper, and understandably everyone wanted to know how he took “magazine cover pictures” of kitties. I’m mostly intrigued about learning “how to be sure they move.”

If Apple Supports AR, Will People Finally Care About Augmenting Their Reality?

However much weight big-names apps such as Layar throw behind augmented reality, it’s furtherest from my mind when I’m trying to find a location — and I imagine you’re the same. But with Apple Maps tipped to add it, will it finally take off?

Clip Yer Skateboard Onto Yer Bike The Safe Way, Bro

This Skaterack could be a lifesaver, if you think about it — how safe can it be holding onto your skateboard while cycling, or having it on your lap or poking from a backpack?