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Try The Super-Secure USB Drive OS That Edward Snowden Insists On Using

We all know that Edward Snowden insists on secure email, but he’s also very picky about his operating systems too. In fact, he uses a free, super-secure version of Linux — called Tails — that fits on a USB stick and can be used on any computer without leaving a trace.

Giz Explains: Why Time Flies

Time flies when you’re having fun. But you’re at work, and work sucks. So how is it 5 o’clock already?

Giz Explains: Why Your Call Dropped

The called just died, and for no apparent reason. You were just walking down the street, for God’s sake. So, let’s talk about it: What happened?

Kyle Eats CES

CES is tough. You have to blog a lot, walk a lot and drink a lot, usually without getting nearly enough sleep or eating your proper food pyramid portions. Kyle was hungry all the time! So he ate a lot.

I Just Want A Dumb TV

Hey, so remember when building VCRs into TVs seemed like a good idea? And then how it turned out that is wasn’t? Yeah, connected TVs are basically just like that.

Life's Like A Road That You Travel On

With all the product announcements, press conferences, events and exhibits to cover at CES, we almost missed the most important item of the day. Almost. A meme has achieved perfection.

Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card Can Use Any Phone To Upload Photos

Having an Eye-Fi wireless SD card in your camera is useful, but only if there’s a wireless network to connect to. Soon, though, anyone with an Eye-Fi X2 will be able to upload photos through their phone’s 3G connection.

ContourGPS Uses Your Smartphone As A Viewfinder

Hey, people with ContourGPS sports cameras: CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE WON A PRIZE! That camera you’ve got strapped to your helmet has been hiding a secret Bluetooth chip, which you’ll soon be able to use to stream live video to your smartphone.

What Is Gorilla Glass?

The allure of Gorilla Glass is no mystery to anyone with a Droid, an iPhone 4, a Galaxy tab or a Dell Adamo. But for everyone else wondering about all the new Gorilla Glass gear at CES, here’s the rundown.

What Is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)?

HEAR THIS: 2011 will be the year of Bluetooth. Or rather the other year of Bluetooth, the first one being, like, 1995. Anyway, here’s why you should care about the ‘tooth again: It’s called BLE. It’s like Bluetooth Light.

Project Denver: Nvidia Is Finally Making Its Own Processor

Slipped in at end of a string of small announcements from the company and its partners – some cool Tegra-powered games, and Skype HD on Android – was a telling glimpse at Nvidia’s future. Yep, they’re making a processor. A weird processor!