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Honda Grom: City Commutes Should Always Be This Fun

There’s no bit of technology that made me happier last year than the brand new Honda Grom motorcycle. Is it cheating that it’s not strictly a gadget? I don’t care. Even if the Grom still breaks fast on old-fashioned dino juice, its diminutive size paired with street legality changed the way I think about city transit and my personal motive needs.

What's Better? A $1200 Motorcycle Helmet Or Cheap Earbuds?

The Schuberth C3 Pro is the best motorcycle helmet you can buy. Sure, there are caveats. I haven’t worn that many helmets. There’s really no such thing as a “best” helmet, considering individual needs and applications — an open-faced off-road helmet isn’t going to be great on the track.

We Need More Ideas As Crazy As Hyperloop

You know why I didn’t like Elon Musk a few years ago? Because of PayPal. Because he seemed like a dilettante. Yet another Valley guy who was ignoring all the hard work and ingenuity that had gone into systems like infrastructure and space travel for the last 50 years; another nerd who thought every system was as mutable as a computer. I was wrong.

What's So Wrong About Taking Photos With An iPad?

You’ve got a device in your hands that has a camera. But you’re not supposed to use it, because someone might laugh at you. How are you the idiot in this situation? Show most of my friends a picture of a person taking a snapshot with an iPad or a tablet and they’ll laugh. Actually open their mouths and point it out. “Look at that jerk.”

John McAfee, On The Run, Stops To Ask For Tech Support

John McAfee may still be on the run from authorities in Belize — despite claiming that he is innocent in the murder of his neighbour, Gregory Faull — but he still has enough free time to post to a private message board asking for information about how phone tracking works.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Review: Your Own Private Predator

“Holy shit. I’ve got my own flying drone. I’m basically the CIA and a spaceman all in one civilian package. I’m going to fly a drone, I’m going to get arrested, and I’m going to be a hero.” After pulling one of Parrot’s AR Drones out of the box and experiencing this understandable reaction, you start to think about what you’re really dealing with — a flying robot, controlled by your phone, with a camera that records the world below as if you’re sitting in a tiny cockpit.

Cardo Scala Rider Review: Check Your Head

Riding a motorcycle is a very solitary experience — that’s half the appeal. So who knew how much I would like being able to chat to other riders or even use my iPhone?

Faux Futurists Want To Keep PC Gaming In The Past

Some day soon, Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is going to walk on stage at some obscure electronics industry event and say these words: “We love PC gaming. Our heritage is in 3D gaming hardware. And that’s why we’re more excited than ever to announce we’re never making another gaming video card again.”

There's A New Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 For Superfans

I’ve never been one for buying consoles painted with a single game, but this year’s Call of Duty Xbox is relatively understated.

The Razer Blade May Be The Future Of PCs

Does PC gaming need to be saved? It’s a question so arrogant it upset gamers for weeks after gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer posed it.