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Apple Mac Pro: Australian Review

There hasn’t been a properly new Mac Pro for a very long time. The original Mac OS X workstation for creative professionals — video editors, commercial photographers, 3D animators — was released in 2006, and the giant cheese grater suffered a ploddingly slow upgrade cycle that meant that plenty of its former fanboys jumped ship to iMacs, MacBooks Pro or Windows boxes. But the Mac Pro is back, it’s better, and now there’s actually no reason not to buy one.

Windows Phone 8.1 Review: Gloriously Good Enough

Windows 8.1′s recent update was a subtle but effective boost. Windows Phone‘s 8.1 power up follows the same cues. It’s not mind-blowing, it’s not world-changing, it’s nothing to jump around and scream about, but it turns Windows Phone into something it’s never quite been before: an OS that’s totally good enough.

The Case For A 7.8-Inch iPad

I’ve been talking to some people on Twitter about the technical feasibility of Apple one day introducing a smaller and lighter iPad. The general opinion I’m seeing is that it would require a change to the dimension of the screen in points, or the touch targets would be so small that it’d be impossible to tap them accurately. I’m going to lay out my argument for why I think it would be possible to shrink the screen size, maintain the same number of points, and maintain a perfectly usable UI.