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John McAfee Reveals His Hiding Place

In a too-strange-to-be-true twist on an already bizarre crime story, fugitive tech millionaire John McAfee revealed where he’s been hiding over the last six days: in his own compound. McAfee, wanted by police in connection with the murder of his neighbour Gregory Faull over the weekend, said in a phone interview that he had never really been on the run at all. He’d just been hiding out at home. The calls were coming from inside the house!

Exclusive: John McAfee Wanted For Murder

Antivirus pioneer John McAfee is allegedly a suspect in a local murder investigation in Belize, says local police. According to Marco Vidal, head of the national police force’s Gang Suppression Unit, McAfee is a suspect in the murder of American expatriate Gregory Paul, who reportedly was gunned down on Saturday night at his home in San Pedro Town.

Secrets, Schemes And Guns: Inside John McAfee's Heart Of Darkness

As dawn broke over the interior of Belize on April 30, an elite team of 42 police and soldiers, including members of the country’s SWAT team and Special Forces, converged on a compound on the banks of a jungle river. Within, all was quiet.