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Sign Into Your Google Account On Public Computers Without Typing Anything

If you ever want to log into your Google account when you’re at a public computer, where you’re unsure whether or not there’s a keylogger installed, there’s now a solution. And it’s from Google!

Install Windows 8 From A USB Stick

Many netbooks and low-profile laptops are ditching the optical drive in favour of portability, which means that installing Windows 8 via a burned DVD is inconvenient at best. Luckily you can easily do it with an 8GB or larger USB stick.

Which Direction Should I Wipe?

You probably don’t remember who taught you how to wipe — your parents, most likely — or why you wipe the way you do. All you know is that once you were settled in on one style of wiping that worked, more or less, there was no real reason to change. But is it the right way? Is it the best way? Let’s find out.

See You On Some Other Channel

After five years and an uncountable number of posts – no really, there’s no system to count how many posts I’ve done – this is probably the most difficult one I’ve had to write. Starting next Monday, I say goodbye to Gizmodo and head on over to Lifehacker.

The Klhip Ultimate Nail Clipper Is Ultimately Just Expensive

Little else personifies the invention spirit than trying to take a common object – in this case a nail clipper – and attempting to improve it. And even if the Klhip ultimately falls short of being a revolution in keratin grooming, I have to give it points for trying.

The White iPhone 4 Might Be Gone Forever

Apple might have eradicated any hope of the white iPhone 4 when they took their store down today. According to Cult of Mac and Apple rumours, all mention of the white iPhone has been wiped, and all the images that used to have the white iPhone in it have been switched to black.

GameStop's Plan To Stream Games To Tablets Sounds Interesting

GameStop has been buying up companies recently in order to diversify its business. Basing most of its growth on used games has caused the actual gaming industry to dislike dealing the company, and internet delivery systems like Steam is bypassing retail altogether. So what do they do? Stream games to tablets.

Does The Ultimate Nail Clipper Need A Leather Carrying Case?

Taking the word “ultimate” onto a product lets you raise the price 10-20x over traditional versions, as shown by this Klhip nail clipper that costs $US70. Does it really warrant a price tag that high?

Dogboarding Is What It Sounds Like

I love the technical work that went on behind the scenes – both in front of and behind the camera, and even postproduction – to make this dogboarding video so “realistic”. Yes, realistic.

Romulan Ale Energy Drink Is Neither Romulan Nor Ale

I have a bottle of real Romulan Ale (the novelty beer they sold at the Star Trek experience in Vegas before it went under again), but this Romulan Ale seems interesting. Even though it’s not ale and not in a bottle, it is safe to drink while driving. That gentleman knows what I’m talking about. [ThinkGeek via Nerd Approved]