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In Australia, Piracy Makes Your Movie Tickets More Expensive

According to a Village Roadshow executive responsible for film distribution, Australian pirates are driving up the cost of cinema tickets for regular moviegoers — along with the high cost of Aussie wages for multiplex staff, illegal online downloads apparently justify ticket prices topping $20 in some places around the country.

Windows Server 2012: The Key New Features Explained [Video]

Windows Server: Windows Server 2012 launched last week and made its official debut yesterday, but what are the key new features? We sat down with Phil Goldie, server and tools business group lead at Microsoft Australia, at TechEd Australia 2012 to discuss what’s been added in the latest release.

New Touch Features In Office 2013 [Video]

Office 2013 has a stack of new features, including options for use on touchscreens. Check out how some of those options work in this video.

TechEd Australia 2012: The Wrap-Up Video

After a hectic week at TechEd Australia 2012, Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman sat down with our Windows Server 2012 bloggers Craig Naumann, David Klemke and Terry Lynch to ask them their thoughts about Windows Server 2012 and what they had learned.

Behind The Scenes At TechEd Australia 2012 [Video]

TechEd Australia 2012 runs over four days, but there are months of work behind the scenes to make it happen for the 3000 attendees. We sat down with Jeff Alexander, Microsoft’s IT Pro evangelist, to discuss the technical challenges of running a conference on this scale.

The Hidden Gems In Windows Server 2012 [Video]

Windows Server: Windows Server comes in several versions, but not all of them cost money and not all of them feature the new Windows interface. Check out those lesser-known features in this video.

Windows 8 On An 82-Inch Touchscreen [Video]

Forget this 4-inch nonsense. You haven’t used a touchscreen until you’ve played with 82 inches running Windows 8.