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Breakfast Wrap: Tuesday Night's Top Stories

Twitter’s Facebook-Lite Look Kicks In Today With New Profile Powers Maybe this will make Twitter less intimidating to those who don’t “get it”.

First Ever Lab-Grown Muscle That Can Heal Itself In Living Creatures This could be hopeful news for those who get recurring injuries in the same spot.

These Pterodactyls Combat Jets Are So Damn Cool Another example of badass concept art from the VFX geniuses at ILM.

Amazing Card Trick Explains Why Stockholm Is The Best City In The World The bloopers for this would be so fun.

Strap On Oculus Rift Goggles And Control A Drone With Your Head The ultimate geek project, right here.

Breakfast Wrap: Monday Night's Top Stories

Blackmagic URSA: A Modular Cinema Camera With Insane Swappable Sensor Hopefully, there’s an explanation we like for the low price.

Report: Android TV Is The New Google TV Apparently, we’ve seen it before… at CES 2014.

Watch 30 Years Of Mobile Phones Come Together As A Digital Orchestra Crazy how someone took the time to put this together.

The Best Dark Matter Signals Scientists Have Ever Recorded So that’s how you record something that may or may not exist.

This Mystery Man Took Hundreds Of Photobooth Self-Portraits — But Why? They will eventually be saying the same thing about our selfies.

Breakfast Wrap: Monday Night's Top Stories

Report: Apple Healthbook Will Track Your Life Down To Every Breath This could free up congested medical clinics… or make it worse.

Graphene Could Give You Predator-Vision Contact Lenses One Day Don’t hold your breath for it.

EU Votes In Favour Of Single Universal Mobile Charger How do we make this happen outside of the EU??

These Sleek Hangers Swap Hooks For Magnets And the rod in the closet will be needing some stainless steel.

Huge Part Of A Delta Airliner’s Wing Breaks Off At Takeoff Don’t worry! It “didn’t influence the aircraft’s ability to fly”.

Breakfast Wrap: Friday Night's Top Stories

WSJ: Microsoft And Google Are Crushing The Dual-OS Dream Who’s dreaming about a Windows-Android tablet anyway?

The Internet’s Biggest Enemies A couple of surprises in there. Or maybe not.

Leaked Controller Suggests Amazon’s Set-Top Box Will Be A Gaming Machine That has to be a fake. The button placement makes no sense.

How To Design The Perfect Train Network Map CityRail’s old map had not one but two elements of poor design.

This Clever Contraption Turns Any Table Into A Standing Desk You will want a plywood desk too though.