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Breakfast Wrap: Monday Night's Top Stories

How You Can Make Graphene At Home In Your Blender You’ll need a little graphene to get started though.

Teenager Survives Five-Hour Flight In Aeroplane’s Wheel Well He should buy a lottery ticket.

Man Explains Why He Prefers $50 3D-Printed Hand To $42,000 Prosthesis Man, I really must get myself one of them dang 3D printers.

Explore The World Of Game Of Thrones As If It Were On Google Maps You can turn off spoilers.

Nine Of The Coolest Prefab Houses In History Cheaper and environmentally friendly… what’s not to love?

Breakfast Wrap: Wednesday Night's Top Stories

Full X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer Finally Lets Mutants Loose Needs more Jennifer Lawrence.

Google’s Modular Ara Phones Will Go On Sale January 2015 So when can we talk about pricing in more detail?

The High-Tech Soldiers Of The Future Are Here Joining the army never looked so appealing.

Are LG’s New Headquarters Really A ‘Public Shame’? I can think of a few right now that are a lot worse.

The Most Haunted Place In The World Is For Sale That 99-year lease sounds like a pretty serious commitment.

Breakfast Wrap: Thursday Night's Top Stories

The Heartbleed-Vulnerable Passwords You Need To Change Right Now Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox… still waiting for a patch.

Google Reveals The Crazy Modular Phones Ara Will Let You Build Not so mad about that protruding camera though.

Amazon Buys Popular Digital Comics Platform Comixology Good news for readers, not so much for publishers.

This GIF Shows What Sound Actually Looks Like This GIF answers a question you never thought to ask.

These Transformable Living Spaces Are Coming To New-Builds Near You This is how you maximise storage without compromising style.