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The Best Action Camera: Q2 2014 Edition

You can’t just do something dangerous and insane these days without filming it for posterity. And while action cameras let us relieve these life-highlights over and over, they aren’t all created equal. We decided to see for ourselves which one could handle your extreme adventures best.

Earth 2.0: What We Know About The First Earth-Sized Planet In A Habitable Zone

When you’re looking for alien life, the best place to look is somewhere like Earth; the only place we know of that life exists. Kepler-186f, the first Earth-sized planet to be found in the habitable zone of a star, is the best bet we’ve ever found.

The Invincible Wool Jacket Fears No Rain

Even the most adroit adventurer in the urban jungle forgets an umbrella occasionally, hopefully they’re wearing the waterproof Invincible wool jacket designed by the folks at Saboteur.

The Mutewatch Begs To Be Touched

We’ve seen high-concept watches that are interesting, but the inevitable realisation dawns that it takes 10 minutes and vector calculus just to figure out what time it is. Mutewatch is different; its touch-based design actually makes it more… useful.

Thinner, Lighter Kindle Comes With Wi-Fi, Starts At $US139

It may have taken longer than expected, but a replacement for the Kindle 2 has arrived. The addition of Wi-Fi and an aggressive $US139 starting price make the new eReader a formidable upgrade.

The Worst Oil Disaster In US History: How You Can Help

Thanks in large part to BP and the government’s inept handling of the Gulf Coast oil spill, we’re going through one of the worst ecological disasters in American history. But there are some things we can do to help.

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RealPlayer SP Update Brings Video Trimming

In addition to ripping, sharing and converting videos, the most recent update to RealPlayer SP allows users to quickly trim clips without affecting video quality. The player is still bloated, unfortunately, but most folks will find the new tools easy to figure out. [Real]

Apple iPad Official Pictures

If you still haven’t gotten your fill of the iPad here are some official pictures to satisfy your appetite.

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Hands On: BD Remote Uses iPhone To Control Sony Blu-Ray Players

The free BD Remote app lets users control their Sony BD equipment (no PS3 support, yet) via Wi-Fi from any iPhone or iPod touch.

Hands On: Yogen Charger Powers Your Gadgets With A String Pull

We were pretty intrigued by the Yogen manual charger concept we saw earlier. While the production unit we saw today is markedly different – it doesn’t disappoint. Instead of charging gadgets with a pedal, users now pull a chord.

Hands On: The Geneva Sound System Model S Is Motorised

We got a chance to experience Geneva’s new Model S iPod/iPhone audio system today. It’s sublime. The best part? You can actually afford it (probably).