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Dynamic Access Control And Server Migration

Guest blogger Craig Naumann dives deeper into Server Manager, checking out dynamic access control, server migration tactics and much more.

Making DNS Administration Less Painful

Guest blogger Craig Naumann is sensing a lot of potential in Windows Server 2012′s new IP address management options. Find and replace DNS for the win!

KMS, Active Directory And Windows Server 2012

For guest blogger Craig Naumann, the first full day of TechEd Australia 2012 was all about topping up on server and networking knowledge. Read on to find out what he learned and why he can still get excited by Active Directory.

Meet Craig Naumann: One Of Our Windows Server 2012 Bloggers For TechEd 2012

“I do stuff” — that’s normally the answer I give when I introduce myself to someone new and talk about what I do. The answer is intentionally vague as I like to keep a few surprises up my sleeve.