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Google Glass And The Golden Age Of Creepshots

The early criticism of Google Glass — that it’s for arseholes, that it will lead to a dystopian Panoptican nightmare — is mostly well-founded. But what everyone has glossed over in their opening salvos is, I think, the most immediate and obvious problem Google Glass will precipitate: once these things stop being a rich-guy novelty and start actually hitting the streets, the rise in creepshots is going to be worse than any we’ve ever seen before.

Christopher Dorner: Hunting A Killer One Click At A Time

If the charges levelled against Christopher Dorner are true, the brief but theatrical saga of the cop-turned-vengeful-murderer began on Super Bowl Sunday. That’s when Dorner allegedly sneaked into an apartment-complex parking garage in Irvine, California — “America’s safest city” — and shot Monica Quan and her fiancé, Keith Lawrence, as they sat in their new white Kia.

Why You Shouldn't Be Too Quick To Cheer Self-Driving Cars

One of the clear automotive technology trends at CES this year is cars that drive themselves. From Audi to Lexus to Ford, the world’s largest car companies are beginning to follow Google’s lead in an effort to produce cars smart enough to drive themselves.

Why The Celebrity Headphones Trend Is Idiotic

At the end of December, a PR agency representing American footballer Tim Tebow’s new signature line of Soul brand headphones — model number SL300, $US299.95 retail — emailed us to invite us to a CES event at which Tebow himself would be showcasing his headphones and “speaking with the media”. The event was total bullshit. Just like celebrity headphones.

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Well, That's Insulting: This Technology Wants You To Read Less

Time was “tl;dr” was the battle cry of lazy internet jackasses, people with no attention span who nevertheless found the energy and wherewithal to complain about the length of any digital piece of writing that dared to be longer than a few sentences. Today, at CES, tl;dr is an irritating new “innovation”.

How A Robot Will Steal Your Job

On a visit to Standard Motor Products’ fuel-injector assembly line in South Carolina, Atlantic writer Adam Davidson asked why a worker there, Maddie, was welding caps onto the injectors herself. Why not use a machine? That’s how a lot of the factory’s other tasks were performed. Maddie’s supervisor, Tony, had a bracing, direct answer: “Maddie is cheaper than a machine.”

How People Profit From Your Online Mug Shot And Ruin Your Life Forever

This July, Yolina (not her real name) was giving a language lesson to one of her students over the phone when he said he had something to tell her. She hadn’t always taught over such long distances before — she was in California, her student in the US midwest — but after being laid off from her 14-year job as a community college ESL instructor last year, she’s taken odd gigs whenever she can get them.

Spies Like Us: We're All Big Brother Now

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign took a tumble last week with the release of a hidden-camera video recorded at a fundraiser in Florida. In it, Romney dismisses nearly half of the American population in a set of statements some pundits are calling the worst things a modern presidential candidate has ever said. Welcome to the future, where an average $200 smartphone can derail a billion-dollar presidential campaign.

The Outlaws Hoarding Lightbulbs In The Name Of Liberty

Do a Google search for “Karen De Coster” and you’ll turn up a photos of her wearing Daisy Dukes and a sky-blue tank top, her short blonde hair tied beneath a black paisley bandana. She’s brandishing a giant assault rifle, crouched on a scrubby hillside, in a defensive position, like she’s confronting an unseen enemy.

Where The World's Horrible Crap Comes From

I am a man well versed in tacky shit; I spent the lion’s share of my formative years in Tucson, Arizona. If you haven’t been there, Tucson — like most mid-sized touristy cities with a lot of retirees — is filled to the top of its cacti with the kind of poorly made trinkets old people love to vomit all over their houses and tourists love to pick up on the cheap to take back home as gifts.