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WP7 App Marketplace Now Has 5,000 Apps—Same As Palm

Windows Phone 7 now has just over 5,000 titles (5,149 to be exact) in their 2 month old marketplace. That’s the same number as Palm’s 1.5 year old webOS store.

Maybe We Should Be Putting Our 3D Efforts Into Food Printing

We’ve seen 3D food printers before, but now we know exactly what deliciousness they’re capable of. Food squeezed out of a syringe never looked so tasty—or artful.

Corsuit Tool Trains Swimmers' Core Muscles Like A Full Body Suit

The now banned polyurethane and neoprene swimsuits, while making wearers slick as a fish, also helped swimmers perform better through increased core stability. The Corsuit training concept could help swimmers build core strength—without violating regulations.

These Dominoes Aren't For Toppling Over - They Tell The Time

Leave the domino effect to books, people, and, well, real dominoes. In Carbon Design’s Domino Clock, the black dots silently switch to white dots to indicate the time, functioning similar to a digital clock (except with oversized dominoes).

LaCie Tank Readies Hard Drives And Small Gadgets For Combat

If you think your hard drive might get left out in the elements, thrown, or dropped anytime soon, you need the LaCie Tank. A customisable foam interior provides a snug fit for your gadget while the case offers military-grade protection.

iFlash Lights Up For Flash-Less iDevice Photographers

If you’re constantly disappointed with your iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPod touch’s camera performance in low light scenarios, the iFlash could be just what you need. It’s $US29.95 and plugs into your iDevice’s docking port.

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App Deals Of The Day

An app a day keeps the doctor away! OK, that may not be true, but in case you want to test that theory, you can fill your quota with discounted apps you find here in app dealz.

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App Deals Of The Day

There are some fantastic app dealz today! Need some examples? How about Angry Birds Seasons, free for Android users, and Fruit Ninja HD for $1.19 for iPad owners.

Your Mobile Phone Can Know Exactly Why You Love Your Fishing Pole

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Waving your mobile phone over any old RFID tagged item could automatically bring up photos, videos and other memories on your mobile device. It’s called “The Internet of Experiences”, and it’s the result of newly patented technology from XtremeSignPost.

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App Deals Of The Day

A few extra apps on your phone can make the difference between a boring and a fun-filled, entertaining travel experience. Do yourself a favour – check out the great selection in today’s app deals and stock up!