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Hands On: BeBook Mini E-Reader

I was liking this cutesy e-reader. Until I got my hands on a Kindle the other night. Now I understand why the Kindle gets so much love.

First Look: Canon EOS 7D

Is it possible to bring something fresh to the table in the DSLR market? Sure it is, but it all comes down to the same thing in the end. Better specs, filling a niche position in the market, and refining the product. Hello, Canon 7D.

Au Revoir, And Things I Forgot To Post

Well, that pretty much wraps it up for me as Nick Broughall’s stand-in while he was away the past two weeks welcoming a new child into the world. Nick is due back on Monday when all of you who have been hassling me about stuff for which I have no discretionary power will be able to find some resolution. Or not. Go easy, OK? It’s tough becoming a new parent. But before I go, here’s a few things I didn’t get around to posting earlier.

Shootout: Canon M80 V Photo Safe II

In this digital storage device face-off, we’re looking at two products that may do the same thing, but are chalk and cheese at face value. Canon’s M80 storage device (much like Epson’s device, indeed almost one and the same) and Digital Foci’s Photo Safe II have been on the market for some time but there isn’t much choice in this area, so they stand up as current offerings.

Japan. Where Pop Culture Heroes Are Celebrated

There are a great many things I love about Japan. Sushi. Akihabara. Karate. Origami. Sake. The list goes on. But one of the very coolest things about Japan is the respect that is given to pop culture heroes.

OLEDs On Hold, Apparently

When early this year I first saw Sony’s 11in OLED I knew my plan to hold off buying a new TV to let the “next big thing” land had merit. Until now. Looks like large-scale production of the utterly gorgeous large OLED TV ain’t gonna ramp up any time soon. Or, at least, that’s the state of play according to CNET.

Google Makes Wave With Limited Release

If you haven’t caught on to the phenomenon that is Google Wave, it’s probably about time you did. It’s Google’s game-changing application combining email, live collaboration and messaging, which goes only a small way towards explaining its potential. About 100,000 people have been invited to its beta workout. Here’s a snippet from Attack of the Show, via Techcrunch, that might help bring Wave’s potential into focus.

Retromodo. Taking A Wider View

It’s the stretch Hummer of medium format cameras, with a little bit of Rolls Royce thrown in. It’s the Linhof Technorama 617, shooting a panoramic image onto film with a neg dimension of 6cm x 17cm. Holy mother of film processing tanks, Batman! That’s three times as wide as it is high and not a photo-stitching application in sight!

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Ben Heck’s PS3 Slim Laptop Is Monochromatic Cool Gaming on the go. Extreme coolness.

Rolling Robots Mimic Fish To Prevent Car Crashes One Day It all makes sense. In a fuzzy logic kind of way.

BumpTop 3D Desktop Gets Unique Multitouch Gestures Pimping the touchy goodness of Windows 7.

Backpack Generates 40 Watts Just By Walking Remember the prototype? Here’s the reality. Lucky Marines.

2014 Winter Olympic Stadium Seems Designed By Insectoid Alien Sydney Oly stadium + Beijing Oly stadium = this.

Apple Buys Their Very Own Maps Company (See Ya, Google Maps) Apple mapping out a brave new world?

Bento 3 Lands, Mac-only Zone

OK, sorry PC users. This one’s for Macsters only. But it’s required karma after hearing Foxtel’s Download Player is PC-only. We’re redressing a cosmic imbalance, so let’s not make a fuss about it, OK? Bento 3 has landed, bringing a bunch of new features to what is essentially the lite, fluffy version of Filemaker Pro, with capabilities tailored to home users and, at a push, small business operators.