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The Gadgets You Should Buy in 2014

Whilst we’re all still reeling in the aftermath of the gadget glutton-fest that was CES and MWC, it’s worth remembering that if there’s more to your world than iPhone cases and Bluetooth toothbrushes; the best is yet to come this year. Here’s the stuff that will probably warrant your attention in the next twelve months.

Give Your Smartphone a Mid-Life Spruce-Up

Two year contracts, eh? They suck. They suck bad. Holding onto a smartphone for two whole years seems like an eternity in this day and age, where new flagship phones roll through seemingly every couple of months. But it’s not all bad: if you’re having a bit of a mid-phone crisis, here are a few tips to make it all better.

How To Make The Perfect Gadget-Charging Bag

Smartphone. Tablet. Laptop. Maybe an e-reader, gaming device, and camera chucked in there too. Chances are, a lot of you carting around a lot of electronics on a daily basis, and most of it has a battery. Here’s how to make the perfect gadget bag, one that not only carries your crap, but keeps it perpetually perked up too.

HP Slate 7 Review: Great Price, Poor Screen

Google’s Nexus 7 has been ruling the cheap tablet market with its budget-sourced iron fist. But HP’s now giving it a crack with an upcoming bargain-basement 7-incher, also running stock Jelly Bean, and priced just $199 in Australia (currently pre-orders only).

How to Set Up Your Microsoft Surface Pro Just Right

At long last. Microsoft’s giant tablet-shaped gamble has come to our sunny shores. With Windows 8 being new to many people, and the Surface needing a helluva lot of tweaking to fulfil its (buttloads of) potential, we thought we’d put together a guide to spare you the pain of working it out for yourself.

The Secret Tricks to Cut Through the Crap of Customer Service

Modern electronics can be fickle. With so many things to break, it’s no surprise that one in four bits of consumer electronics gets returned to the manufacturer at some point in its life. But dealing with customer service is a nightmare of head-banging Greensleeves-playing call-centre torture, and if you’re going to survive in that world, you’ll need all the help you can get.

Dolby Atmos: The Incredible Prototype Cinema Behind Future Movie Sound

Tucked in a corner of Soho Square, cosied up against ad agencies and seemingly every media firm in London, is the London HQ of Dolby, who you may remember from the title credits of just about every film ever. Hiding in the heart of this otherwise-ordinary building, though, is arguably the coolest cinema in the country, created at enormous expense to demonstrate the next gen of cinema tech.

Try These Criminal Tricks to Stalk Yourself: It’s Seriously Creepy

A new report out from security company ALLOW shows all the tricks that identity thieves use to stalk their victims. None of it’s particularly sophisticated, but holy hell is it creepy.

How Afghanistan Changed the British Army For Better And For Worse

We’re just a month shy now of the 11th anniversary of Britain going to war in Afghanistan. In that decade-and-a-bit, British forces have undergone a serious transformation as they’ve had to do a little bit of Darwin-style evolution. The result is a British Army that looks nothing like anything that’s ever gone before — and mostly that’s a good thing.

US Government Unleashes Wrath Of Internet Trolls On Al-Qaeda

It’s invaded their countries, used deadly, invisible drones to blow them up and killed their leader, but now the US is really gonna hit Al-Qaeda where it hurts — the internet forums. I can hear them quaking in their bomb-filled boots from here.