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Apple Mac Pro: Australian Review

There hasn’t been a properly new Mac Pro for a very long time. The original Mac OS X workstation for creative professionals — video editors, commercial photographers, 3D animators — was released in 2006, and the giant cheese grater suffered a ploddingly slow upgrade cycle that meant that plenty of its former fanboys jumped ship to iMacs, MacBooks Pro or Windows boxes. But the Mac Pro is back, it’s better, and now there’s actually no reason not to buy one.

Windows Phone 8.1 Review: Gloriously Good Enough

Windows 8.1′s recent update was a subtle but effective boost. Windows Phone‘s 8.1 power up follows the same cues. It’s not mind-blowing, it’s not world-changing, it’s nothing to jump around and scream about, but it turns Windows Phone into something it’s never quite been before: an OS that’s totally good enough.

The High-Tech Soldiers Of The Future Are Here

Those troops you saw in science fiction movies as a child are now real. A few years ago, many countries recognised a need to upgrade the individual infantryman and thus started their own “future soldier” programs. Most of them completed more or less the main priority objectives, applying them to some of their elite troops and special forces, bringing together commercial, off-the-shelf technology and state of the art military gear and equipment.

The Most Beautiful Celestial Diamond Ring I Have Ever Seen

The remnant of an ageing star and a strikingly bright newcomer form this amazing cosmic engagement jewellery, brought to you by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) today.

Casting Molten Metal On Wood With A Hungarian Design Master

When you see and touch the massive furniture of David Kiss, you feel something sensational, something deeply ancient and radiantly modern at the same time. I recently joined the Hungarian product designer and sculptor for a day, to watch his process — which verges on alchemy.

I Have Never Seen A Soyuz Launch From This Angle

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s not often that we can watch a rocket launch video like the one below. Arianespace released an utterly amazing video a few days ago, and I have never seen any footage like it.

22 Strange Medical Instruments From The Past That Make You Shudder

In the history of medicine, machines became crucial parts of the diagnostic and treatment process in the first half of the 20th century. Scientists and doctors experimented with some really strange devices, and they developed a lot of creepy-looking health equipment — at least some of which seems almost horrific, seen through the eyes of today. The following 22 instruments are partly scary, partly weird, and partly awesome — just as inventions should be.

Here's Your Daily Dose Of Mysterious Steel Structures Direct From Kazakhstan

NASA’s chief photographer, Bill Ingalls, got up early yesterday to capture this stunning sunrise scene at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. You can see the empty Soyuz launch pad with its support booms and trusses wide open, shortly before the Soyuz TMA-12M spacecraft was rolled out by train.

28 Rare Cutaway Illustrations Of Classic Cars

Without a doubt, cars are the most popular of all cutaway illustrations, so they couldn’t be absent from our cutaway series. Here you have a collection of 28 rare vintage drawings, some of them crafted by some of the greatest cutaway artists in the business.

The New Budapest Metro Line Is An Awesome Psychedelic Trip

After ten years of extremely expensive, slow, and politically messed up construction work — it is a long and sad story of government corruption and incompetence — Budapest, the Hungarian capital, got its fourth metro line today. Despite its ill-fated genesis and controversial usefulness, the Metro 4 is an amazing engineering, architectural, and artistic achievement, a mix of stunning concrete structures and trippy ornamentation. It looks stunning.

You Can Decide What NASA's Next Spacesuit Prototype Will Look Like

The Z-2 suit is the newest prototype in the Z-series, NASA’s next-generation spacesuit platform. After creating the Z-1 prototype, the U.S. space agency wants you to get involved to the development process, because they have three quite different design concepts — and, some times, professionals need a little help.

Feast Your Eyes On These Early Soviet Spacecraft

Rob Ketcherside, a hardware and software program manager in Seattle, has a truly amazing photo series hiding on his Flickr page. The photographs I am talking about were taken by his grandfather, David C. Cook, in Pavilion No. 32 — called “Kosmos” — at the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow. And I am very glad that I found them and got permission to share them, because those shiny Soviet spacecraft are simply lovely.