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IHome's IConnect Keyboard Combines QWERTY, IPod Docking

Released alongside iHome’s iStand, the iConnect is an iPhone-ready keyboard with a built-in dock that allows you to sync and charge your iPhone/iPods automatically from the peripheral.

Penn Swallows Fire In Super-Slow-Mo On Discovery's Time Warp

Here’s a peek at this week’s episode of Time Warp, where hosts Jeff and Matt join up with magicians Penn and Teller in Las Vegas and get a behind the scenes tour of Cirque de Soleil’s O.

Self-Charging PR2 Robot Travels Between Rooms In Search Of Power

Unlike Roombas and the ASIMO that require specific charging docks to refuel their power, the PR2 uses the standard 3-pronged electrical outlet for its power source.

IPhone 3.0 Is Re-Allowing You To Re-Download Apps For Free

According to a lead developer at Apple—and a few tests run on the iPhone 3.0 to confirm—the inability to re-download previously purchased apps on iPhone 3.0 was just a bug. [Appadvice - Thanks Mahmoud!]

XERO Project Green Building Concept: Veggie Does Dallas

Somewhat like a vegetarian version of the Dragonfly building in Manhattan, the XERO Project is a proposed idea of bringing local agriculture, orchards, gardens and food stalls into the city of Dallas, all under one roof.

Bet Your Camera Can't Transform Into Defender Of The Universe

I was thinking of getting a Canon T1i, but after seeing this fully-functional, transforming Voltron SLR from 1985, I will seriously have to reconsider my options. [DoobyBrain via DVice via TheDailyWhat]

The Kindle DX Disassembled

In this five-step tutorial, RapidRepair shows you how to carefully disassemble—and reassemble—your Kindle DX to get a closer look at its innards.

Levitron Revolution Makes Your Junk Look Awesome In Space

For those who have a treasured item you want to display in style, the Levitron Revolution uses some sort of electromagnets—or anti-gravity voodoo magic—that levitates and slowly rotates your prized possession in space.

Tiny Plasma Blowtorch Doesn't Let Your Teeth Join The Dark Side

Described as a cross between a lightsaber and Listerine, scientists at the University of Southern California have invented a tiny, world’s first, plasma blowtorch that is to be used for medical procedures—specifically in annihilating plaque.

Archos' Latest Touch Tablet, The Archos9, Runs Windows 7

Although we have yet to hear anything about an Android MID from their event today, Archos has announced the Archos9—a UMPC that runs Windows 7.