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In Australia, Piracy Makes Your Movie Tickets More Expensive

According to a Village Roadshow executive responsible for film distribution, Australian pirates are driving up the cost of cinema tickets for regular moviegoers — along with the high cost of Aussie wages for multiplex staff, illegal online downloads apparently justify ticket prices topping $20 in some places around the country.

The Pellet Stove That Actually Looks Like It Was Made In The 21st Century

We previously extolled the virtues of the space heater for warmth when the deep chill of winter arrives. But gazing at this pellet stove — a very modern-looking pellet stove — we’re rethinking what we want in our homes tonight.

This Space Heater Will Keep You Toasty Without Breaking The Bank

Dyson’s space heater looks awesome, is said to perform up to expectations and doubles as a fan during the summer. But know what? That thing also costs $US400. We want a space heater that we don’t have to hide in a closet, but also won’t drive our bank accounts into the red. Hopefully the Anna heater will do the trick.

The Taliban Mistakenly Outed Every Single Person On Its Mailing List

If you didn’t already know that the Taliban had a mailing list, your mind is already blown. But here’s a solid one-upper: the taliban spokesperson accidentally CC’d everyone on that list in an otherwise pedestrian email, outing some people who likely didn’t want the world to know they were subscribers.

Yes, Microsoft Paid To Make This Terrible Xbox Live Ad 10 Years Ago

Once upon a time, online console gaming was a novel thing. And a singular, cohesive, online community built around a console was downright mindblowing. Enter Xbox Live, which turns 10 this week.

Spotify Is Testing A Web Player That We'll Probably See Next Year

If you’ve been looking for a way to stream Spotify tracks without having to use the standalone app, that day may come sooner than later: Spotify has confirmed with us that it has begun testing the feature with a small audience.

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5 Things To Love About Nokia's New Maps

Nokia’s rebranded mapping service will soon arrive on iPhones and and Android devices, under the moniker of Here. For Android users this isn’t a huge deal, but for iPhone owners living in the age of iOS 6, it could change a lot. Nokia’s maps, on other platforms, have been fantastic.

Scosche Now Has Lightning Accessories For Damn Near Any Situation

Think about anything you need to do regarding your gadget charging needs. Need to power an iPhone 5? What about a fourth-gen iPad? An Android phone? Some weird gadget with a strange USB port? Need to charge at home? In the car? Hate tangled cables? Scosche has addressed all of these scenarios with its latest line of charging accessories.

Tech's New Most Meaningless Spec: PPI

HTC’s new Droid DNA smartphone has plenty of qualities that make it intriguing. It has a quad-core Snapdragon chipset. It crams a 5-inch display in a body nearly the size of a One X or Galaxy S III. Its Super LCD 3 technology trumps the Super LCD 2 that made the HTC 8x display so lovely. By all accounts it’s a wonderful device. But one thing HTC takes particular pride in is the 1920×1080 display, good for a pixel density of 440 pixels per inch, the highest ever in any handheld consumer device. This should make tech nerds lose their shit, right? Not quite. Welcome to your new favourite meaningless stat: ppi.

Coming Soon To Vimeo: Paywalls

Early next year, Vimeo will introduce a new feature to its PRO account holders. In short, those users will be able to charge for their videos on a per view (or per whatever) basis. It’s a move that could either attract a whole different class of known independent filmmakers or amass a sizeable mountain of videos that are fine as free (or ad-supported) content, but maybe not worth a premium price tag.

Web-Based, Facebook-Like Instagram Profiles Are Here

Up until now, Instagram profiles have only been viewable from the app (or through some sort of a third-party site/client). But according to AllThingsD, now you can fire up any web browser and have access to any public Instagram account, making it approximately 1000000 per cent easier to stalk people using the service.