The Intense New Warcraft TV Spot Is Jam-Packed With New Footage

Video: It’s been a while since we last saw a full trailer for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie, but this new TV spot includes more Orcs and Humans than you can shake a stick at, and then Dwarves and magic as well!

The opening half itself is entirely new — that is, unless you were at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013. It was pretty much the first ever publicly shown footage from the movie, as a lone human warrior goes up against a very angry looking orc.

The rest of the trailer delves into some familiar footage — huge orc and human armies going at each other, Travis Fimmel’s Anduin leaping onto the back of a gryphon — but there are a ton of new shots teasing the fantastical elements of Warcraft beyond the orc/human conflict. Fans of the games will be pleased to see a prominent shot of a Dwarf (in what appears to be their capital city, Ironforge), and there’s some lovely-looking magical spell stuff in there too. Looks good!

Warcraft hits theatres on June 16.

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