Donald Trump Tweet Generator Uses Smart Algorithms To Replicate The Real Deal

Alright, so no one asked for a website that creates Donald Trump-like tweets, but rarely is the internet’s best content spawned by popular demand. It takes enterprising (and perhaps, misguided) people to come up with top-shelf content. Or, in this case, you could leave it to computers and algorithms.

The tweets, which come from a page called “Automatic Donald Trump”, aren’t generated randomly — the site uses Markov chains and Trump’s own Twitter history to craft tweets that sound like they originated from the man himself.

Not everything is gold, though a few can be oddly poetic, such as the make-believe tweet in the lead image. Others are short and sweet:

Don’t be fooled by these one-liners, the Trump-o-matic can pump out rambling manifestos too:

But the short ones are best:

Why choose Trump’s Twitter feed as a data source? Creator Filip Hráček explains:

I think choosing Donald Trump’s tweets as the source text was a great decision. Not only is it opportune (for readers from the distant future: this code and article is being written at a time in which it’s unsure whether or not Donald Trump — yes, that Donald Trump – will be or won’t be the president of the United States) but more importantly, Mr. Trump’s utterances are so idiosyncratic that, for many of the auto-generated tweets, you could probably tell they were supposed to be written by Donald Trump even if I didn’t provide the visual hints.

Sad, but true. So very true.


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