Coming Soon: Sci-Fi Movie And TV News

Welcome to Gizmodo’s new regular Monday run down of what’s coming soon in the world of science fiction entertainment. This week: Game of Thrones season six teaser and images, the final Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and a potential Hal Jordan is revealed.

• The Game of Thrones Season Six teaser trailer “Hall of Faces” was released, along with 20 new images from the upcoming season. I predict, unsurprisingly, death. Lots and lots of death.

• The New York City toy fair revealed some awesome new collectables — or just playables, depending on your needs. The new DC range was a highlight, featuring a Batwing the size of your torso.

Ghostbusters has a teaser trailer, finally. Although it is entirely devoid of actual Ghostbusters. The full trailer is to be released 3 March 2016.

• An interview with a relative unknown “Drone Pilot” in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has revealed clues that he may in fact be taking on the role of Green Lantern.

• The X-Files is back, and Mulder doesn’t know how to use a phone camera. Seriously. He’s like old man Mulder. Take a look for yourself.

• Hasbro and Marvel have released a range of high-quality Captain America shields and Iron Man helmets suitable for cosplaying, and they are awesome.

• The final Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has been released. Bats and Supes duke it out, Alfred shows some sass and Diana speaks — finally!

Captain America: Civil War promo materials have hit New York City toy fair, revealing Sharon Carter and some close details of the costumes from the upcoming film.

• A possible spoiler for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been revealed with the release of a Lex Luther figurine. I’ll let you click if you want to know more rather than spoil anything here.

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