Apple Promises To Fix The 1970 Bug But Still Won't Say What Causes It

Apple Promises to Fix the 1970 Bug But Still Won't Say What Causes It

Apple posted on its website last night that it “officially acknowledges” setting your iOS device’s date to 1 May 1970 or earlier will render it completely unusable. But an upcoming software update will prevent the insidious bug from bricking your handheld.

Internet tricksters want you to believe that setting your iPhone’s date to 1/1/70 unlocks a retro Apple theme. In reality, however, this will brick your phone, likely due to an old quirk with Unix time. Apple still hasn’t explained exactly what’s causing the bug, and it’s unclear if the update that the company’s pushing to prevent the bug will help the poor souls with functionless phones. Regardless, you should contact Apple support if you fell for the evil Easter egg and now own a $1000 paperweight.

[Apple via 9 to 5 Mac]

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