This Is The Only Review Of A Thermomix You Ever Need To See

Video: Meet Kate and Kate. They're the stars of a new Aussie YouTube comedy series about cooking, and despite the fact that might sound boring, it's actually one of the funniest things I've ever watched. The Katering Show's take on the Thermomix is excellent, and will brighten your Friday afternoon. #thankgizitsfriday

You can watch more of the hilarious Katering Show on YouTube.


    lol, if only they also actually talked about the taste difference between the two!

      As mentioned "it's fucking dinner porridge" either way.

        Fare enough! Well done Luke, love'd it.
        funny enough i was actually having this convo with a few other couples last weekend, with one of them saying maybe should hold a thermomix party just to see how 'awesome' it is lol

          That is the most inappropriate use of an apostrophe I've seen for at least a year.

      Hahaha kp. You need to watch it again. This time concentrate on which appliance requires one to be slaving over the stove or the appliance that allows time for relaxation and the odd spiritual refreshment. Does it wash up after itself though?

    This is my new favourite thing.

      (deleted) EDIT: nvm, it just a bug in my browser

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      Agreed! They're hilarious. Look up "Bleak" as well - very funny.

    That was great.

    This is amazing. it's a crime they've only got 3,000 subscribers

    "I synced my iPhone and only lost half the photos, so I'm kind of a tech wizard"

    Haha, it's funny because it's true!

    Loved it, had a good chuckle. Might have to check out their other episodes.

      It's well worth watching the series :) damn funny stuff

    Ok, they're hilarious.
    The wife is going to love this show.

      it is set in the kitchen so guaranteed she will love it......right?

    Very funny, the quit sugar episode is great.

    Properly fantastic. Between this and cooksuck, my faith in humanity has been restored.


    Oh and for the record, my misses has a Thermo and its a blasin' wonder cooking machine (although she is also a talented cook without it i must say) leaves more time for sex. Pretty damn good investment i made that day, should've thought about it sooner.

      Stop trying to justify your purchase.
      Nothing can justify it.

      So I take it you're not into cooking sex?

        He's just crossing off that last item on the fridge whiteboard.

    ok firstly love the show fucking hilarious.

    Now for the real big I ama chef and if it takes you 90 mins to make a Risotto it's no longer a risotto but a dried up resemblence of a stinky asshole and secondly chefs actually use thermomixes in commercial kitchens because even though they are fucking useless at replacing us in our job they do make life easier when it comes to making some things such as a coriander oil which keeps its amazing colour if you blend it with around 45 to 50 degree heat in saying that I don't like thermomixes mainly because I concider myself a traditionalist when it comes to food, but it go's without saying if your cooking knowledge is shit then buy one you will taste food better than you can make yourself. But if you have the time try making even just a couple of dishes over and over until you get them right it is the easiest way to learn to cook because you will discover amazing things throughout the journey

      I also love the show! In my opinion, thermomixes have limited value in a domestic kitchen(unless you make Hollandaise sauce and Sorbet on a daily basis!). Also,they are too big to fit in most cupboards or drawers so you are stuck with a not very aesthetically pleasing appliance taking up valuable bench space.

        Hollandaise takes literally 30 seconds.

        Thermomixes are retarded. And this is coming from someone with two sous vide machines, a chamber sealer, a pressure canner and my eye on a pacojet.

        Oh wow, you made soup without that super-complex step of shoving a bamix in the pot. How interestment.

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      I like punctuation

      Coriander Oil blended at 45 to 50? Now wonder Thermomix can sell $3000 ice crushers and smoothie makers. To paraphrase P.T. Barnum , "There's a wanker born every minute".

      The 90 minutes for the stove-top risotto is part of the joke. It's a comedy piece.

    Love the show. Funny cooking show good one!
    Please no swearing or coarse language. Spoils it big time.

      For some maybe, personally I think it adds to the hilarity.

    great for 2/3 people who are small portion people feeding a typical family of 4 not good you can do it twice

    That's a review of a Thermomix? You mean, in the same way that Top Gear reviews a Tesla?

    lol at all the squares commenting on the lack of rigour in reviewing the thermomix. That's even funnier than the video.

    There's got to be a comedy spoof made of TV's Better Homes & Gardens...including these two women in the cast.

      SBS tried that a while ago with Life Support (, but it was very hit and miss. Mostly miss.

    I liked the onion bit so much I might do them a favour and fuck them in their's the least me as an Internet commenter can do.

    Since my wife got her thermomix you could say I've got "accustomed" to risotto :(

    One of the funniest things i've seen online in a long time, all the episode have been laugh out loud so far.

    I will never look at risotto the same way again. It's now "hot wet rice" and "dinner porridge".

    I think Im the only one who didnt find this funny at all.

      I found it mildly amusing, but nowhere near enough to warrant the air time this clip is getting in the media.

      Ahh, you must of been the person that found Mick and Molly funny when it was on TV.

        Why would you even suggest something like that?

    ill just leave this one here, too. freakin hilarious


    I would have liked to have seen a lot more vilification of the Thermomix cult because I've seen the pupils of the believers dilate as they breathlessly talk about how much they love their 'Thermie' because it makes risotto and custard. Big woop. Since going paleo, these are things I can't eat anyway. I now have a freezer full of concentrate stock that I made TOFW, just to see if it could be done!

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