Microsoft Is Working On Streaming Xbox Games To Your Browser: Report

Streaming games over the internet has yet to massively take off, especially here in Australia where such a service would unusable without local servers. If reports are to believed, that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from plugging away at its own browser-based technology, which would allow users to play Xbox games on their PC (or other browser-equipped device). Say what?

This post was originally published on Kotaku Australia.

Based on information provided by a source, Neowin’s Brad Sams writes that Microsoft has Xbox 360 and One titles running “right around 60fps” and that the service could debut in the “not-to-distant future”, given its level of progress.

It’s also not locked into Internet Explorer, with the tech apparently operating fine through Chrome.

Microsoft clearly has the resources to make this happen — just look at its Azure cloud business — but I’m not sure if PC gamers will accept streamed console games over native titles and proper ports.


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