Here's How Much Extra Australians Will Pay For Apple Apps Now

The Apple App Store is about to get a bit of a tweak thanks to currency conversion rates between Australia and the US changing. The short of it is that you’re about to pay more for all of your iOS apps. Here’s exactly how much apps will cost now.

Apple published a chart on its developer portal this morning showing just how much customers are now going to be charged.

US Price Australian Price
0.00 0.00
0.99 1.29
1.99 2.49
2.99 3.79
3.99 4.99
4.99 6.49
5.99 7.49
6.99 8.99
7.99 9.99
8.99 10.99
9.99 12.99
10.99 13.99
11.99 14.99
12.99 16.99

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