Pebble Steel: The Next Generation Of Smart Watches For Grown-Up Geeks

The Pebble smart watch we all know and love has grown up significantly in just one year, announcing at CES 2014 a new piece of hardware called the Pebble Steel. Oh my.

The new premium Pebble is made from Marine-grade premium steel, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass on the face.

It features tactile metal buttons on the sides of the unit, packs a magnetic charging port on the right hand side and comes with both leather and metal bands.

There’s also a new RGB LED light which will indicate the charge state, but will be part of the SDK so developers can use it in their apps.

It comes in a brushed stainless model and a black matte version.

It’s still Bluetooth capable (despite being a metal box) and it’s waterproof to 5 metres.

It’s available today for $US249 and ships from January 28th with free global shipping for early orders.

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