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Honda Recreated An Amazing Ayrton Senna Lap Using Light And Sound

In 1989, the incredible Ayrton Senna completed a lap of the Japanese F1 circuit, smashing a world record in the process. On board was Honda’s engine telemetry system which recorded a bunch of information from the car. Now, almost a decade after his death, Honda is using that same data, along with some giant speakers and lights to recreate that incredible lap in a flurry of noise. This is a beautiful tribute.

Honda took the racing telemetry from Senna’s F1 car in 1989 and positioned a series of lights and speakers along the racing-line on the Japanese F1 GP course.

The lights and noise fuse perfectly to create almost a ghost of Senna’s F1 car flying around the track in a haze of engine screams.

What an incredible driver Senna was. *sniff*

It’s worth turning on caption translation in the YouTube clip to understand the Japanese titles. Provided you don’t already speak Japanese, of course.

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