PlayStation 4 Comes With Australia Tax [CONFIRMED]

Alas! Our hopes of parity-based gaming have been thwarted: it looks like the PlayStation 4 comes with the dreaded Australia Tax!

A few minutes ago, we heard that the PS4 would set you back $US399. That’s awesome value, and a price that we thought had Sony in pole position to win this year’s E3. Not so when we saw the “confirmed price” EB Games were putting out earlier:

Here’s the link to that sales page, which confirms that the price is $549.


We just got word from Sony: the PS4 is $549 in Australia.

Here’s the official release:

Good afternoon,

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia is pleased to confirm that the Australian pricing for the PlayStation 4 is RRP$549.00.

We will be providing you with further news and announcements following today’s E3 2103 conference today.

Poor form.

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