Where Can You Buy The HTC One In Australia? [Updated]

HTC’s amazing new flagship, the One, experienced a bit of a delay in production and as a result, it’s arriving a little later than we all expected. Here’s where you can get it in Australia and when.

Previous estimates put the sexy-looking HTC One on Australian shelves from late March. HTC has been in touch today and told us that pre-orders at Optus, Telstra, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone are opening from tomorrow (April 5, although Telstra has already jumped the gun).

Update:Vodafone’s getting competitive with the HTC One; it’s just announced that it’ll drop the handset repayment it originally announced on a $60 plan down from $5/month to $3/month. Not a huge price drop, but nice news if you were planning on being a Vodafone HTC One customer in any case.

The device is getting a wide-release in Australian telco stores from 23 April.

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